Zlatan Ibrahimovich – From a bike lifter, to world most powerful footballer

When Zlatan scored that majestic overhead kick against England at the New Wembley, no one would have predicted that goal was the result of his more than football skills. For a man who had earned a black belt in Taekwondo at the age of 17, such athleticism is guaranteed. From the refusal to sign with Arsenal because they wanted him on trial , to the fight with the current Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola claiming ‘’YOU HAVE NO BALLS’’, Zlatan’s life is a pure example of a man who had made his ranks from the GHETTO to the European Champions.

Zlatan Ibrahimovich has a copyright on his own name, thus claiming money from any organization that uses his name.

Early History:

Zlatan Ibrahimovich is a product of a disgruntled family. When his parents divorced when he was only at the age of 2, they young Zlatan experienced life in a completely different manner, than most of his young fellows have experienced. So in order to survive, he chose football as his passion, and started to play for the local club Malmo. However his attitude started to show his affect when he refused to run along the pitch and adapting the passing style his then coach has emphasized on his team mates.

The coach tried to persuade me to pass the ball around, I can easily dribble past three players so why do that stuff. Zlatan

After denying an audition with the Arsenal side, Ibrahimovich finally signed with Ajax as the European Elite club was inspired by his work rate and contribution towards the team. He had won two league titles there when Juventus came knocking. His transfer to Juventus was another tempting event. He had kicked Club captain Rafael Van der Waart, so his relations with the team mates grew fearce. As a result, Ajax decided to cash on the hot prospect

Ibrahimovich has played for three Italian giants Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan winning league titles with all.

Zlatan has played all across the Europe. In last 12 season in which he featured, his teams have been champions on domestic levels 10 times. Thus in spite of all his attitude, his contributions towards his teams can be neglected because in spite of all his spats off the pitch, he is that one player you hate to see on the opposite side when your team is playing.

Zlatan biography:

Zlatan’s autobiography was described as ‘the height of self-indulgence’. And for good reason – titled I Am Zlatan (also known as I, Zlatan) it gave him a stage to display his amazing egotism without control. His book has got a record number of sales since its premier, making it the most sold book in the Swedish footballers’ history.

He has played with 5 different clubs in the Champions league, a record for any player in the Champions League history.


Zlatan Ibrahimovich has been a constant nuisance for managers that have not fallen into his category. He fought with several managers and sent them knocking when they questioned his laziness on the pitch.

During his time in Ajax, Ibrahimovich on the very first day had a spat with Louis Van Gall, the then technical director of Ajax. When the Dutch wanted to explain the Swede his role in the team, Zlatan impolitely turned his down claiming he knew what he would be doing thus setting the perfect stage for a eventful period at the DUTCH champions.

If a coach would want me to run anti clock wise, I would ask why. If he fails to answer, he can go leave his job Zlatan

However THE SPECIAL ONE falls onto the top into his category of the best managers he has played with. He himself had claimed later in an interview that he would have killed for Mourinho thus describing his affiliation with the Portuguese.

Net Worth:

Barcelona paid 76million Euros for the signature of Zlatan, a figue that rattled the football world at that time. However looking at the contributions he had made towards his team wherever he has played, it would be un-sensible toquestion the logic of playing so much money for a player that is eccentric and self-centered.

Barca paid 76m Euros for me four years ago. The system is sick, no football player is worth that kind of money. Zlatan in an interview

However with the league top goal scorer in the French Ligue for two successive seasons, Ibrahimovich has shown the world that he is still worth of that 31m pounds,that the French giants paid for him in the summer of 2012.

Fights with players:

Ibrahimovich has been an entertainer, both on and off the pitch. He had made several fights with his fellow team mates, one of them cost him his ribs. His fights are so numerous that one similar article can be written on his spats with his team mates. Some of his memorable fall outs are:-

  • In 2011, he kicked Antonio Cassano in the face while the Italian was speaking to the reporters
  • Punched Ajax team mate and former Middleborough player Mido in Ajax dressing room.
  • A two footed tackle followed by a head butt on the AC Milan team mate
  • In 2012, he kicked St. Etiene goalkeeper in the chest, followed by a two match ban


Despite being one of the most controversial player in the history of football, Zlatan has won a trophy everywhere he has gone. Some of his accolades are as follows:-

  • Eredivisie (2)
  • Serie A (6)
  • La Liga (1)
  • Fifa Puskas award
  • Serie A top scorer (2)
  • Ligue 1 top scorer
  • Ligue 1 player of the year
  • Serie A foreign footballer of the year (5)
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