Top 10 Winter Makeup trends 2017 – 2018 For Women

In this post, we are discussing the top 10 winter makeup trends 2017 – 2018. No matter whether it is about winter season or the summer season, all the women have the ultimate wish to look stunning and catchier when it comes to their makeup looks. This is for the reason that even in the dry skin season of winter, they do not miss out catching superb latest trends of makeup in 2017-2018 for themselves. Have you been in the same search as well? Makeup would intentionally give out the splendid perfection when it is being adjusted with the preference according to the skin tone, facial features and so as the personality.

Top 10 Winter Makeup trends 2017 – 2018 For Women

10. Choose Bright Colors on Your Lips:

You should be making the choice to add some bright bold colors on top of your lips. You should give the lips with the impression of being spring or floral. Keep it stay back as original. Bold lips with the dark lip color are much obvious in the winter season much. You should keep the rest of the face makeup as natural in tone. You can choose to simply change the undertone of your favorite lipstick and opt for an orange or burgundy as in order to get away from the flattering flawless look.

9. Smokey Eyes Makeup:

As we do talk about the eye makeup, then choosing with the smokey eyes will make you look stand out in the crowd. In order to add the eyes with the gradual form, then choosing the smokey eye look is the perfect alternative. It is not just limited in using it with the black of grey shades. This can rather be added with so many more color shades too as depending according to the color of the eyes. This eye makeup is popularly known as the depth of the color palette.

8. Apply Medium Toned Eye Makeup:

On the 8th of our winter makeup trends, we would make you suggest out to choose the medium toned face makeup along with the dark lip color. If you are choosing dark lip color with the dark-toned makeup then this is one of your biggest mistakes. You can think about making the use of fuschia or the maroon shade of the lip color that would look incredible with the medium toned makeup look.

7. Apply Foundation First:

As you do start off with the makeup, then make sure that you are applying foundation first of all. This would let the makeup to get a stick on top of your face for a long time period. This would even bring the face closer to some of the flawless and shine mediums as glossy ones.

6. Use Bottom-Lashes:

You will probably be finding two types of ladies i.e. the one who is applying the makeup onto their bottom lashes and some of them are those who do not seem to have the one.If you have bottom lashes, then you are lucky with the beauty so pay attention to them as well. You can add an extra touch to them with the use of gold or silver eyeliner which makes your eyes look even brighter and directs attention to your lashes.

5. Amazing Use of Twin Trails:

Currently, in the winter season, the trend of having the twin trails is getting huge in demand inside the fashionable ladies. This twin trails look sexy and make the eyes look prominent for others. It would even be presenting the eyes look bigger and you do not have to put yourself in the hard efforts of applying eyeliner by all means.

4. Neat and Clean Eyebrows:

To play with your eyebrows, it is important to take into account neat and clean eyebrows. You should be making the eyebrows look ideal with the taste of perfection of the eyebrow on top of it. You should carry out the makeup of the eyebrows as in accordance with the shape, color, and the correct thickness. You need to be careful enough when picking your mascara as well.

3. Eyeliner All Over Eye:

Did you ever try to carry out with the latest trend of having the eyeliner as all over the eye? If you have never tried it, then without wasting any time, try it now! This trend of the winter is all about covering the whole of the eye with the eyeliner on the perfect mediums. You would love wearing it the whole winter season.

2. Cut Crease:

This winter makeup trend is all about the eyeshadow technique that features a pronounced “cut” in the crease of the eye. It do help you to give your eyes to the highlighting effect. You need to perform this makeup trend as according to the shape and size of the eye. It would simply be adding your eyes to bigger effect.

1. Pop Up Eye Shadows and Eye Liner:

You have to say goodbye to the naked palettes and say welcome to the eyeshadows and eyeliners. This would be giving the eyes with the popping up effect. This winter makeup trend is all inspired by Andy Warhol for mix-and-matching.

This was the end of the top 10 winter makeup trends 2017 – 2018 that you need to follow up this winter season as well. All the makeup trends are remarkable looking and hence for sure, it does bring about the taste of perfection in the eyes. If you want to make your face look inspiring and impressive, then without wasting any time choose any one of these superb winter makeup trends right now!

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