What To Do Before Applying A Foundation?

You should keep in mind some of the rules before you apply foundation on your face/ You should be preparing as well as priming your skin. First cleanse your skin and make an application of moisturizer on it. Addition of a primer and too a concealer is a must for you. So check out the rules in detail and know about the complete method as to what to do before applying a foundation:

Priming Your Face

First prepare your face. You need to prime your face. Wash up your face by getting a fine quality cleanser for yourself. Make use of a cleansing water so that redness on your face can be removed. You can make use of suds-free cleansers, they have been packed with anti-inflammatory agents and these agents instantly bring a calming affect on your skin and face. You can apply cleansing balms on your face. If you a dry skin then apply a cleansing balm before you apply a foundation. Such balms have emollients in them and this items brings a moisturizing affect on your dry looking skin.

Toning Your Skin

Before you apply a foundation, do exfoliate your skin and tone it properly. If you have flaky looking skin or if you have an uneven skin tone then it is important to make it even looking first. Exfoliation and processing of toning can help you. Get an exfoliating scrub, these scrubs have hydroxy acid in them. You can use these scrubs for 2 times in a week. You cam make use of this facial toner as well so that you can skin and face can remain even and smooth looking when you start to apply foundation.

Moisturizing Your Skin

Moreover, before you apply a foundation on your face, the last very important step is to moisturize your skin. Once you are done with priming, toning, exfoliating your skin, you have to moisturize it then! Get a moisturizer for yourself that comes with SPF of 15 or higher than that. This product will keep your skin safer from sun rays. You will get this glowing look after moisturizing your skin. If you have an oily skin tone then you should get a gel-based moisturizer.

These are the important rule which you should consider before you apply a foundation on your skin, First fulfill these requirements, then apply base on your skin. More handful tips are coming soon.