Ways And Styles to Wear Eyeliner

What can be different and varied ways to wear up an eyeliner? We can tell you some stylish ways as to how to wear this makeup item. Check out these different eyeliner looks. You can try these looks for different kinds of occasions as well. You should make your eyes more emphasizing looking. Eyes are one of the most lively and promising feature of your face.

Check details from below regarding ways of applying eyeliner: 

Applying Eyeliner For a Weekend Daytime Routine

For a casual day or if it is a weekend day time, you should only apply eyeliner on the upper outer eyelid of yours. In this case you should be using a pencil liner. Just dot that liner right onto your top lid and get as much closer to your eyelashes. You can make use of a cotton swab or you can use a sponge tip so that you can blend these dots together.This single line of eyeliner present on your upper outer eyelid will give you a natural as well as an undetectable look.

Applying Eyeliner For An Office Routine

If you are working then what can be the best style of applying eyeliner? Working ladies just need to apply neutral shaded eye shadow. Then they can apply an eyeliner line at the outer corners of their upper lashes and lower lashes. Make an angled kind of V shape. You need to smudge this eyeliner so that hard line of your eyeliner becomes hardly visible. To get more perfect office look, you can curl up your lashes. Just apply single coating of brown mascara and get a cool professional look.

Applying Eyeliner For Evening Time

If you are going out during evening then you should give an intense look to your eyes. Apply eyeliner on your upper outer lids and lower outer lids. Then you also have to line that inner rim of yours lower lid. Even apply some light-colored kind of shimmery shadow because it is an evening time.