Wayne Rooney – An UN expected Scouser hero for the ManUtd fans 2017

Loyalty is a trait no longer priceless. Gone are the days when players spend their whole careers for the teams they adored. Nowadays, in addition to that passion, an additional impulse is required for these players to remain at their childhood fanbase, along with the glory and the limelight in the International world, money is another important thing for their ratification. Wayne Rooney is definitely the perfect example of how money has changed the meaning of football. When he changed his TWIITER background after agreeing a bumper 300k per match, voices were raised.

Wayne Rooney is the youngest goal scorer in the Everton club history and the second youngest player to feature for them in 2002

Wayne Rooney is arguably one of the most honored player in the English football club history. Having won 5 premier league titles with Manchester United, 1 Champions league medal, 1 FIFA Club world cup medal to his name, there is simply no major trophy in the world of football that Rooney hasn’t won when it comes to playing for Manchester United. Having been signed from the Merseyside club Everton for a fee of around 25.6 million pounds, Rooney has been silencing the critics for almost10 years and is simply the most gifted striker that the English soil has produced in the last decade.

Wayne Rooney marked his Manchester United debut with a hat trick against Fenerbahce in the Champions league

Early history:

After playing 67 games for Everton, Rooney decided to move on with some big European clubs looking to land his signature. He opened talks with the Red devils and signed for them at a hefty price of 25,600,000pounds. He made his Manchester United debut against Fenerbahce and celebrated it with a hat trick thus becoming the youngest player ever to score a hat trick in the Champions League.

Net Worth:

After signing a mega money deal with Moyes and Co., Rooney is now the highest paid player in the history of the Premier League. The agreement is worth nearly 26million dollars a year, thus catapulting him in the list of the world’s richest athletes. Manchester United shrugged off fears of losing to their main man by offering him a staggering 300k a week, an amount that has never been paid so far in the long and industrious history of Manchester United,



Rooney’s first senior debut came for the same team of which he has come from the youth ranks. He marked his youth debut on 17 August 2002, and embraced the first goal of his professional career in October of the same season. His Everton stint mainly consisted of more highs than lows as he ended Arsenal’s 30 match un-beaten streak with a goal against the Gunners.

Rooney was one of the highest paid teenagers of his time when he signed a contract worth 13k a week with Everton

However as they say where there is a product, down comes a customer. Following some brilliant performances from Rooney and the comparing of him with Pele, certain European clubs howled Everton for this teenage sensation. And as Rooney realized he cannot continue further at Everton he slapped a transfer request on August 27 2004, thus urging his current Man Utd manager to allow him seek for greener pastures.

Manchester United:

Wayne Rooney signed for Manchester United on August 30, 2004 just three days after his transfer request to the Everton board. He initially signed a contract for 6 years which means he will be part of the bigger plan since 2010.

Paul Stretford, Rooney’s agent, was a victim of death threats from Merseyside following the Englishman’s signature for the Manchester United

Rooney signed his first contract for the English Giants that paid him 23 million pounds for the course of next 6 years. And after his lime lighted hat trick on his debut, he showed everyone that he certainly worth it. He went on to become a big game player with his goals coming in the high stages as in the UEFA Champions league final against Barcelona.


Rooney’s life has been a bit cleaner relative to his team mates like Giggs when it comes to scandals. One of the most highlighted scandal, however, comes from a prostitute who ckaimed he had slept with Rooney 7 times over a period of months. Jennifer Thompson claims to be one n=night stand too many with the United Striker in the summer of 2010.

“I feel so desperately sorry for Coleen that all this is being dredged-up again. She must be ashamed of her husband’’ Rooney’s granny.

His other major scandal included a fight with his then team mate Cristiano Ronaldo in a world cup match between England and Portugal. England gone out on penalties but only after seeing their main striker sending off after a clash with the current Real Madrid superstar. This clash could have gone a long way, however the Manchester United members came in to the rescue.

Rooney stats:

  • He had a strike rate of 0.42 in the premier league.
  • Off his first 200 goals for the club, he had netted just 8 of them coming on from the bench
  • It tool Rooney 120 games to score his fist headed goal for United

Rooney hasn’t won a FA cup in his career

  • Rooney’s finest scoring streak has gone on for 6 games in the 2009-10 season with teams like Liverpool, AC Milan and Bayern Munich as his victim
  • Wayne Rooney has received 73 yellow and just 1 red card in his club career.
  • He had scored 38 goals for England receiving 2 red cards in the process


UEFA Super Cup and FA cup are the only trophies Rooney hasn’t won in his club career. Apart from that, his career is a brand ambassador for success. Here are some of the accolades he has collected during his playing time:-

  • 5 times Premier League Winner
  • 1 Champions league medal
  • Carling Cup twice
  • FIFA world cup (1)
  • Goal of the season (3)
  • FIFA world cup golden ball (1) in 2008
  • England player of the year (2)
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