Types of Makeup Foundation

There are various types of makeup foundations available in the market. Know about your skin type, then you can buy a particular makeup foundation for yourself. There are different range of makeup foundations for dry skin tones, oily skin tones, normal skin tones and combination skin tones. Check out the different types of makeup foundation from this page and always get the right foundation types next time:

Light Makeup Foundation

First we have light makeup foundation for you. If you have an oily skin, or we can say that if you have mousse looking skin tone then get a light makeup foundation for yourself. You can get an oil free liquid foundation too. Powder foundations can work on oily skin tones easily as well.

Liquid Makeup Foundation

Next we have liquid makeup foundation for girls. Such foundations comes with a moisturizing element. For dry skin tones, it is one of the perfect foundation types. You can even get a hydrating powder for yourself if you have dry toned skin. Stick foundations works well for such skin tone girls.

Powder Makeup Foundation

On the last we have powder makeup foundation for you. If you have a combination skin tone then get this foundation type right away. This foundation type will be easily distributed on your face and other skin parts.

Different Kinds of Coverages Given By Different Kinds of Foundations

Below is the different kinds of coverages which are given and provided by different and varied range of foundations. Here are the details for makeup lovers. To get a lightest coverage, you can use a loose in form powdered foundation. To get a light coverage, girls can use a pressed powder. If you are going to use this tinted moisturizer then you will also get a light coverage. Many girls apply an aerosol foundation, this foundation too give a medium coverage. If any girl will use a liquid foundation then she will get a full coverage. On the other hand upon using these cream foundations, you will get the most and maximum coverage.

So which of the makeup foundation type you are right now using? If some new makeup foundation type will come in the world of cosmetics, we will update. Depending on your skin tone and coverage requirement, you need to select a foundation on the basis of these factors and points.