Treating All Sorts Of Acne for ages of Women

We know that acne comes in many forms, like we have hormonal breakouts and blackheads type. So how can we deal with this issue! Your diet issue and stress level, then imbalance in your hormones, they are one of the important reasons that give you acne issue specially for women. Pimples come in different types and there are different ways to treat each and every varied type of pimple.

How to Treat Big And Red Cysts?

So what you need to do if you have big and red cysts on your face? Such pimples come on your face because of the hormonal changes and too because of genetics factors. This acne type is one of the stubborn types of acne we have! You can take some oral antibiotics to treat this acne. You can even take probiotics because this medication can reduce your acne inflammation.

How to Treat Small Red Bumps On Your Face?

What you should do if you have small and red bumps on your face? Here is the treatment guide for you, This acne type is one of the less severe types. But avoid touching such pimples with your fingers because these pimples are sensitive too. You can make use of a mild form exfoliate so that you can clean the pores of your pimples. So use good quality exfoliating serums so that you can remove your dead pimples skin from your face.

Treating Buried Pimples

These pimples are also called blind pimples. They are worst in their forms because you cannot see them! These pimples are the most painful one. You can call out them as cystic acne form because they are present in hidden form and do not reach to the ending surface of your skin. You feel their bump on your face. Once they emerge on your face, you only have to squeeze them out, this is out. This is the only remedy which you can treat these buried pimples of yours. They will either go on their own or you have to do this squeezing method. This type of acne can also cause and arise mild infection in your skin too,

If you notice any of these acne and pimples types on your face then do treat them as soon as possible. More acne types and suitable treatment and remedy to treat them are coming soon.