Top Ten Men Hipster Fashion Trends 2017

The look known as ‘hipster look’ emerged in the early years of the twenty first century. It was adopted by the people all over the world alongside the SLR cameras and record players. Flannel shirts and bicycles with fixed gear system were some other prominent features of that particular time period. The hipster fashion is an entirely different genre. Thrifty stores were filled with customers purchasing old baggy T shirts and cut off shorts of denim. The basic idea of hipster look revolves in revamping old clothes to offer a new look as a whole. Contemporary market offers a good range of such fashion. Hipster Fashion Clothes that are new but offer that rustic hipster look can be found there.


Flannels can provide a pretty fashionable look if they are worked properly. The best way to go is not to attempt a look involving an extremely huge or oversized flannel shirt of men. The only fault involved in doing so is that the long arms and big shoulders become hard to handle. A fitted cut is more preferable along with showing of some skin through an unbuttoned top. High waist jeans should be paired with it.

The Headband

Hipsters fashion cloths are known for their previously worn flower crowns. It is more of a staple for the whole look. A chic look can be achieved using a head scarf or even a solid turban. Heels and day dress go well with this look.

The Crop Top

The crop top is something that is more than often worn in the wrong manner by people trying to achieve the hipster look. The basic rule is that the length of the top should be in accordance with how low waist the pants are. For a short top the pants should be higher waist-ed.

The Wide-Brimmed Hat

The best way to pull this particular trend off is to go classic style. Black hat should be preferred. Straps of contrasting colors look good. Vivid patterns should be avoided until or unless a statement is to be made in particular.

The Collar

Hipster look is defined by the buttoned up collars and girls can easily pull off the boy clothes look using this particular style. Light on dark or vice versa matching should be maintained for a chic look.

The Thick-Framed Glasses

The thick framed glasses are a must for any hipster look except with a flannel. Skinny jeans pair very well with them along with beanies.

Southwestern-Inspired Jewelry and Accessories

Jewelry made of heavy metals such as copper offering a taste of the Southwest are common in the hipster style. Single pieces tend to ruin the whole look so stacks of bracelets and rings should be opted for.

The Overall

Overalls look chic and go great with fitted fashion trends and denim. Flats go good with these.

The Oversized Sweater

Sweaters big enough for the fall season should be without the pants and look amazing when paired with pumps.

Giant Round Sunglasses

This is another staple. Prints and colors of neon should be avoided. Classic colors of white and black frames are safe and chic.