Top Gorgeous and Beautiful Looking Long Pixie Hairstyles

Have you tried out long pixie hairstyle on yourself? It is a bold cut and you should try it. It is beautiful looking shorter in length hairstyle. Just wear it confidently. Many of the Hollywood celebs have been sporting and preferring this trend of long pixie haircut. This hairstyle gives you a glamorous look and makes you more elegant. It gives you a sophisticated look. On this page, we have collected these long pixie hairstyles for you. This hairstyle will for sure work for you. This single hairstyle is a true inspiration for those girls who want to bring a new and fresh change in their personalities. If you have long hairs then take this bold step and cut them off. Have your long hairs to be changed in short hairs and give them this long pixie look. t is a sexy looking hairstyle and girls will look fabulous in them. We have painless looking pixie cut for you. Then girls can try vintage looking long pixie cut. The trend of lavender cut and plum red pixie cut has become the talk of town too.

Painless Pixie Cut

First of all, we will talk about painless pixie hairstyle. This haircut has become attention-grabbing. It is a rocking looking cut. To get a cut look on your ace, try out this pixie hairstyle. This cut will make your face fresher. So revive up your attitude level and stand out in the crowd. Become a limelight and show off your pixie locks. This hairstyle does not need any maintenance.

Vintage Looking Long Pixie Cut

On the next number, we have vintage looking long pixie haircut for you. Now bringing back that vintage feel has become easier. This cut will give you an old Hollywood look and vibe. It is a sultry looking short hairstyle. Just make a deep side part and get this voluminous in shape side-sweep look. This hairstyle is easy to pull off. You can flip out your long side bangs at one side of your head.

Lavender Pixie Cut

Then on the third rank, we have high lavender cut for you. This hairstyle will give you a maximum height. You can add more style to your personality by trying this cut. More volume will come on your hairs because you have opted this lavender pixie haircut. You just have to do the parting of your hairs right to one side and then backcomb them. This is a lighter haircut and easy to style too. It is elegant in form hairstyle. Try it!

Grown-Out Pixie Cut

This hairstyle is made for the girls who have square-shaped faces. It is an edgy looking cut. You can make this hairstyle more trendy looking by trying out with different pastel colors and layers. Long fringes present in this hairstyle have to be swept away just to one side. Your facial features will become cuter because you have opted this emphasizing looking hairstyle.

Plum Red Pixie Cut

This is a shorter looking and a spiky haircut. The trend of this hairstyle has been naturally growing and getting increased day by day. Show off and pull off this haircut by opting a red plum color hair dye. It is a dramatic looking style. Are you ready to pull it off now!

Layered Pixie Cut

Then we have pixie cut hairstyle in a layered form. This style is packed with cuteness. It consists of long bangs and choppy layering. You can go for light colored hair dyes if you are preferring this haircut.

Long Pixie Haircut

This long pixie hairstyle comes with the layered locks. You can say that it is a long and short haircut. For thin hairs, this hairstyle is the most appropriate one. Your layered locks should look wispy. No doubt it is a tremendous looking hairstyle in terms of volume.

Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

This pixie hairstyle has this asymmetrical shape. This haircut has an asymmetrical look starting from back view to frontal part of your hairs. It is this deep side parting which is the super best thing about this haircut. Now get a spectacular looking and dramatic effect on your face and try this look. For urban girls and those girls who are one of the bohemian dreamers, this is an ideal hairstyle for them.

Pixie Haircut with Long Bangs

Next one is to an asymmetrical pixie cut but this hairstyle comes with long bangs. In this cut, your hairs will be extending right to the jaw-level of yours. Your upper half facial features will become more prominent because you are carrying and opting this cut. If you have light colored eyes and well-maintained eyebrows then this hairstyle will look cooler. For oval face shaped girls, this hairstyle will work on them.

Wavy Pixie Hairstyle

The last one pixie hairstyle comes in the wavy form. It is a natural looking one pixie hairstyle. You should make your front fringes more exaggerated looking one if you have chosen this haircut. There are many styling options which you can try with this hairstyle.

We have many pixie hairstyles for you. They are coming soon. Try any one of these pixie haircuts and tell us how they look on you! More trendy variations in a pixie cut are coming up. Try these cuts one by one and you will simply look lovely in them.