Top 8 Rocking Styles Of African Braids

Let us talk about the different and rocking styles of African braids. If you are done with making box braids then you can for sure try something else. Here you will be able to enter into world of braids and we will specifically going to talk about African braids. It is true that to make braids, such kinds of hairstyles have their own set and bunch of challenges. But we are going to share some simple looking and easy to make braid hairstyles with our readers. Check out them! These African braids will give you a different look. This world and planet of African braiding is quite huge and big. We are sure that you must have not heard about these braid styles. These braid styles have been recently arrived. By checking out these rocking and exclusive braid hairstyles, we are sure that you will get a clear idea that how you can play and have fun with your hairs.

Yarn Braids Style

Among the most common African braids, we have these yarn braids style. If you have extremely smooth hair texture then you can easily make this African braid hairstyle. Just imagine this exclusive hairstyle and you will look stunning. Girls are loving these chunkier braids, so if you are ready to experiment this hairstyle, you are good to go and do not waste a minute. Do try these yarn braids with wide range and variety of colors. Make these braids and share picture with us too.

Faux Locs Braided Hairstyle

Then we have this faux locs braided hairstyle. If you are tired of making dreadlocks then you can else try these Faux locs. This African braided hairstyle will give you an edgy and sporty kind of look.So rush yourself and make this braid right away. You can check out different tutorials as well that how it is easier to make these faux locs braids.

Havana Twisted Braid Style

These marley twisted braids, this hairstyle will give you a natural look. Getting this hairstyle will give you a natural afro look. So if you have afro textured hair, try out this style then. It is a unique braided hairstyle, this hairstyle is made by making use of smoother textured and synthetic hair. You need to have two strand braiding to make this style. Can you try this hairstyle? Can you make these braids? Do let us know and share a picture on this webpage when you are going to make these havana twisted braids for the first time.

Box Braid Hairstyle

Moving on with more African braid hairstyle, we have these box braids as well. This hairstyle used to be one of the exclusive hairstyles in era of 90s. As fashion trends and fashion style statements of era of 90s are back, that is why this braid hairstyle is also back with a bang. This hairstyle consist of three-strand twists, just nicely make this hairstyle and flaunt these braids of yours. Trust on us, if you will try these 90s style you will look more flawless and trendy. So opt this 90s time and era trend, flaunt your hairs, flaunt these braids and keep on rocking.

Cornrows Braid Hairstyle

These are flat braids and they are usually made along your scalp. These flat braids are given the name of cornrows. When this hairstyle was created for the first time the girls consider it much boring and dull. But this is not the case right now! These cornrows braids have become the top trend these days. You can get as much creative with this braid hairstyle as you can. Just plait your hair into different styles and patterns, you can make alternative styling directions.

Nubian Twisted Hairstyle

If you have shorter hairs then these Nubian twists will look lovely on you. It is one of the flexible looking hairstyles. You can add more style in this hairstyle, you can do that with the addition of dyed extensions Get some nice quality dyed extensions for yourself, add them in these nubian twisted braids of yours and see this wonderful fusion of nubian twisted braids and dyed extensions.

Senegalese Twisted Braid Hairstyle

Note that these Senegalese twists, they are just similar and almost same in their patterns and overall styling likewise we make and create these Marley twists and too Havana twists. You can make this hairstyle by using more silkier hair extensions so that more smoother finish can be given to your style.

Micro Braids Hairstyle

On the last spot, we have tree braids, also known as micro braids. If you are free and sitting idle, if you want to kill time then try to make these micro braids. These are just teeny tiny braids. For first time makers, ask your hairdresser to make these tree braids instead.

So these are the best and rocking, exciting braid styles of African braids. Which African braid style you have liked more? Share your comments, feedback with us. We will share more braid styles with our readers ad viewers. These African braids have again come in fashion. To stay at par with fashion and styling world, give a try to these rocking styles. So far we have shared top 8 styles of African braids with you, this is not the finished list, we have lot more braids styles for you. First try these top 8 and see how they look on you.