Top 8 Mistakes Men Usually Make When They Wear a Tie

Do you know how to correctly wear a tie? Do you known men often make mistakes while they wear a tie? Here top and common mistakes will be shared which most of the men do while they wear and style a tie. We are sure, after reading and reviewing these details, men will not do these worse kind of mistakes. It is true, tie is an important part of your outfit. It does not matter that you have to wear a branded looking tie always. You can even get a less expensive tie for yourself. Only thing that matters is to wear it properly.

You should not knot your tie poorly. Avoid wearing short ties. You should stay away from wearing stained ties and wrinkled ties. Your tie should have a correct width. Your dress code and your tie should match with each other. There should be even connection between your tie and outfit. An odd and uneven connection will ruin and destroy your entire attire look. Have a look at the details of these top 8 mistakes. Avoid doing these mistakes and flaunt your tie. These are simple rules. We are sure that after understanding these rules, you will be able to carry all of your ties properly.

Top 8 Mistakes Men Usually Make When They Wear a Tie

Men Knot Up Their Ties Poorly

This is a biggest mistake when you make a knot of your tie poorly. You should know how to make a proper knot of your tie. Poorly tied ties look unimpressive. No matter that you are wearing a casual looking tie, if you have worn a formal looking tie then make sure to style it up and wear it properly. You should not tied up your tie too much shorter. Avoid giving a longer length to your tie. Your tie should not at all look flimsy looking. A suitable gap should be present in between your collar and tie area.

You Tied Up Your Ties Too Shortly

Another mistake which men make while wearing a tie is that they tied up their tie too shortly. You need to tied your tie in such a manner that it should reach to the middle part of your belt buckle. If your tie is too short then your entire look will be thrown away. When it comes to tie wearing and tie styling then there is no space for a single excuse. You can get help from tie length calculator. From this calculator you will know that how much tie length will look appropriate on you.

You Wear Big Ties

Avoid wearing big ties. These ties are named as novelty ties. Many men have talked from their personal experiences that big size ties only look appropriate on days like that of 4th of July and St Patrick’s Day as well as Christmas day and National Bow Tie day. Apart from these days, men should wear normal sized ties.

You Choose Wrong One Tie Color

This is such a silly mistake when men choose wrong one tie colors for theirselves.Your outfit color and pattern should not clash with your tie color and pattern. Man men choose and select wrong tie colors. So avoid doing this mistake. You tie color should compliment the look of your overall outfit. If you have worn a charcoal colored outfit, if you have opted a white dress shirt for yourself then tie of any color and shade can be opted by you.

You Wear Wrinkled Ties

What needs to be done when you see any man wearing a wrinkled and stained tie? Obviously you will get a bad impression. Wrinkled and stained ties should immediately be thrown by you. Ties are always the focal point of your outfit. Your wrinkled and stained tie will straight away get noticeable. We know that ties cannot be washed or they cannot be ironed. Washing and ironing them will let them to lose their inlay and real texture. What you can do is to untie your tie as soon as possible you take it off from your body.

You Choose Wrong Width For Your Tie

This is another blunder which men make! You should not choose a wrong width of your tie. Remember that your tie width should remain at proportionate level with your body type and dress shirt.You cannot wear skinny looking ties if you have planned to wear a boxy cut and wide labeled kind of suit.

You Choose Wrong Tie With Your Outfit

Your outfit and tie selection should go hand in hand. There is always a rule that you should wear a particular tie with certain outfit of yours. With formal attires, you should wear a formal styled tie. With casual attires, casual ties are usually worn.

You Overload Your Tie With Unnecessary Accessories

The last mistake which men do is that they they overload their tie with so much unnecessary accessories. Do not ever and ever overload your tie. We know that common and basic necktie accessories are these tie-clips, bars and tie pins and also tie chains. It is not necessary that you have to wear all of these tie accessories at one single time. A tie bar should only be worn if you have decided to wear solid skinny ties.

So are you ready to avoid these common mistakes? Try as much as possible.Wear your tie correctly and put up strong impression of yours on others. More tie styling tips will be shared.