Top 15 richest Football players in the world 2017-18

Athletes are certainly paid amongst the highest salaries in the entire world and it is definitely a lot more money compared to an average person seeing that in their lifetime. The athletes even get a share of the revenues from the team and also they earn from endorsements. Amongst such athletes are football players who make ample amount of money. Here are top 15 richest football players in the world 2014.

Sergio Aguero

This argentine football player is the striker in the Manchester City and even for the National Team of Argentina. He was the youngest player to do his debut in the Argenitna Primera Division. He is also called and he is said to earn 10 million pounds and more in this year although he will not be playing because of an injury.

Samuel Eto’o

This Cameroonian Football player is currently playing for Chelsea and he amongst highest paid football players in the world. His sponsorships of Puma and Ford will get him around 15 million in this year. His contract per season is even $28.8 million.

Frank Lampard

This English footballer is recently playing for Chelsea and he earns around 11 million on average per season in salary and also 6 million in endorsements.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

He is a Swedish born football players and is currently playing  as a striker on a 3 year contract for the Ligue 1 club Paris and even the national  team of Sweden. He earns around 17 million every year.

Wayne Rooney

Rooney is playing for the England team this year with a total sponsorship and a contract by Electronic Arts and Nike and is recently earning 26 million dollars and more every year.  Rooney is even currently lined up for signing up a new four 4.5 year contract and that would earn him $600,000.

Thierry Henry

Henry is French football player who recently plays as a striker for the New York Red Bulls. He has a Gillete sponsorship and that earns him around $21 million yearly.

Ricardo Lzecson (KAKA)

He is a Brazilian born football player and will earn around 25 million in this year by his salary for the endorsement with Electronic Arts and playing for Spain.

Lionell Messi

He currently plays for Messi and he will earn around 32 million in this year. The skills he possess are beyond any comparison. He has endorsements from AirEuropa, Konami and Lays and these make them earn a good and a decent income.

Didier Drogba

He is an Ivorian Football player who plays as a forward player for Galatasaray. He is famous for playing in Chelsea and he earns $20.8 million yearly.

Yaya Toure

He is a midfielder in Manchester City and the national team of Ivory Coast. His annual earning is more than 20.7 million dollars.


He amongst the most rising football players and has an yearly earnings of around 20.5 million dollars.

Fernando Torres

He is a Spanish Football player and a striker for the Chelsea and national team of Spain. His earning annually exceeds $20 million. His salary is $17 million and endorsement earnings are $3 million.

Rio Ferdinand

He is a Manchester United defender and has been in the team for 10 years.  He has a total worth of 42 million pounds.

Christiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is Portugese born and currently plays a forward player for Spain. He will earn around $38 million this year including the salaries and endorsements.

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