Top 10 Very Short Hairstyles for Women 2018

Hairstyling give you a new look. Short hairstyles for women give all the ladies a trendy & stylish look. Whether you are talking about style, manageability or versatility, short hairstyle has always been at the top of the list in all its manifestations. There is no other hair style that catches the eyes of a person as does the short hairstyle. It also renders a professional, chic and even sexy look to the wearer.

When compared with other kinds of feminine hair styles and trends, short hair style is a relatively new style. In fact this kind of hair style only came to the fore around five decades ago. Since this became a widely accepted hairstyle for women, it has given freedom to them in more than one ways. Whether it is the soft or the spiked and funky fashion, the short style can be sported by any woman with almost any kind of personality, age and overall appearance.

It was widely believed that an older woman should wear her hair short if she wants to look less than her age. There may be some truth in this notion since if the hair is long, it renders the flaws and wrinkles much more noticeable, and however, a short hairstyle can be worn by a women of almost any age if the particular style compliments their visage.

If you do want to sport short hair, you should first of all choose a style that suits your existing appearance. Take for example spiked and trendy styles which can enhance the sagging skin. There are, however, several women who are well beyond their prime and look remarkable with short hair. There are also a few younger women who wear this style but are not able to carry it gracefully. This means that short hairstyle should be chosen carefully with extra attention paid to the shape of the face, the structure of the facial bones and the way the short hair would compliment your visage.

You must have heard a number of women say that they always wanted to keep a very short hairstyle but tit simply didn’t look right on them. This is far from truth. Of course, this style does not suit each and every woman but most of the women can wear this style and look extremely beautiful.

If you are interested in trying short hairstyles, ask your hair dresser for professional advice. The hairdresser will be in a better position to advise whether your face and your shape of head would allow you to sport very short hair.

The Top 10 very short hairstyles for women would include several kinds including the short bob hairstyles and super short hairstyles.

Here is the list of top 10 very short hairstyles for women:

1. Short to medium layered hairstyles

This is one of the best short hairstyles that you can try. It offers a cool and appealing look.

2. Bangs

These are one of the best hairstyles that one can adopt. It offers a trendy and innocent look.

3. Pixie haircut with the side bangs

Women having oval faces should try this haircut. This hairstyle offers a trendy and funky look that people are bound to appreciate.

4. Short pixie haircut.

This haircut must be adopted by women who have thick hair. It decreases the hair density and offers you the opportunity to maintain it easily. It is also a very trendy hairstyle.

5. Extra short pixie haircut

This is the hairstyle of the summer.  It looks great on almost anyone.

6. Asymmetrical

This is a great funky hairstyle that you can adopt for a cool and sexier look. This will definitely make you look more appealing.

7. Choppy Bob hairstyle

The funkiest short hairstyles that you can adopt. It is choppy and offers a great trendy look.

8. The Lillian

This look is offered by hair that is layered and cut right underneath the chin allowing the hair room to curl.

9. The Victoria

It is a graduated bob long and disconnected at the front giving the hair a modern twist.

10. The Elizabeth

The perimeter of this bob is even with layers getting longer. This is a great hairstyle for this year.

Several famous Hollywood celebrities are sporting short hairstyles and are perfectly comfortable with it. These include Charlize Theron, Ginnifer Goodwin, Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus just to name a few. Their hairstyles are always included in the Top 10 very short hairstyles’ list and inspire other women to follow suit.

To sum it up, short hairstyle is not for those people only who have been blessed with a perfectly proportionate face. The right hairdresser can crop you hair in such a way that they will look you much more exquisite than you can anticipate.