Top 10 Richest Tennis Male and Female Players in The World 2017-18

Tennis has been one of the highly watched and entertaining sports. People of all ages are crazy about it – they love the players so much that they have become their ideals. Indeed, they play so well that people actually fall for them. So, are you interested in knowing what players have taken the show? Who are the world best and most earning tennis players? Let us provide you with the most fascinating and wanted answers. Hold your heart to know, where your ideal stands – here are the latest, 2017 richest tennis players of the world:

1: Rodger Federer:

Who does not know about this dashing man? He is not only the best tennis players of all times, but a handsome guy who is the brand ambassador for premium brands. The gorgeous Swiss tennis star is the rated as number 1 richest man of the sports.

His earnings are:

  • On court – 9.3 million dollars
  • Off court – 45 million dollars

Therefore, in a total he has current wealth of 54.3 million dollars.

2: Rafeal Nadal:

You must have guessed right, talking about the best tennis stars and missing on him, not possible. There has always been a close competition between Rodger and Nadal, as both are superstars, indeed.

His earnings are:

  • On court – 7.4 million dollars
  • Off court – 25 million dollars

Therefore, in a total he has current wealth of 32.4 million dollars.

3: Maria Sharapova:

Maria Sharapova, the lovely diva is not only known for her skills and game, but people adore her for her beauty too. She is the most beautiful and sexy tennis player of the world. At the same time, she is Brand ambassador for many premium brands. Her wealth is around 28 million dollars.

  • On court – 5.1 million dollars
  • Off court – 22 million dollars

4: Novak Djokovic:

He is the man who gave tough times to both Rafeal Nadal and Rodger. However, he is still a rising star, and maybe Rodger of the next decade. However, he still has managed to secure 4th position amongst the richest tennis players.

His earnings are:

  • On court – 10.3 million dollars
  • Off court – 9.5 million dollars

So, in a total he has current wealth of 19.8 million dollars.

5: Li Na:

His gorgeous tennis player is somewhat closer to earning of Djokovic. He has a total worth of 19 million dollars until now.

  • On court – 1.4 million dollars
  • Off court – 17 million dollars

6: Serena Williams:

The talented tennis super star stands at 6th position. She is also seen in various advertisements.

His earnings are:

  • On court – 5.3 million dollars
  • Off court – 11 million dollars

7: Carline Wozniacki:

The gorgeous girl is blessed with beauty as well as amazing talent. She secures 7th position as being the richest tennis player. Her wealth is 14 million dollars.

8: Andy Murray:

The handsome British tennis player has a total wealth of 12 million dollars.

9. Victoria Azarenka:

This super lady has  a total wealth of 9.7 millions until now.

10. Andy Roddick:

The talented super star still has a way to go, and currently has a total wealth of 8.8 million.

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