Top 10 Kinds Of Men Belts

We all know that men wear belts so that they can easily give a support to their clothes. Now a variety of men belts have come out. Belts add a style statement to your personality. There are many and varied styles of belts. We have square buckle belts and then we have belts that come with punched holes. It comes out be litmus test whenever men have to choose belts for themselves. There is a huge variety of casual and formal styled belts. So always pick the right belt for yourself. Here you will get a complete guide to these men belts. You need to learn about the proper way that how can you wear and style them. Let us first of all talk about kinds of men belts we have in the market:

Kinds Of Men Belts

Formal Styled Belts

First, we have formal styled belts category for you. Such belts are mainly worn together with these tailored trousers and also with suits. These formal belts come in subtle colors like in black color, brown color. Its strap is made of fine quality leather. These formal belts come with subtle patterns as well. You can even add a buckle to this belt type. This buckle should be made of metal.You can choose a buckle having a color of gold or silver.

Leather Styled Belts

Men love to wear leather styled belts. If you have worn a simple looking outfit or a suit then you can go with a leather belt. Even if you have opted a simple looking shirt and pair of jeans then fusing this outfit with a leather belt is a good idea.

Rodeo Styled Belts

Such rodeo belts come and consist of tooled patterns. These are broader in style belts and they have decorative studs. These oversized buckles are another feature of rodeo belts. You can only pair these belts with matching boots as well as matching jeans. If you are out for country events or state fairs then choosing rodeo belts is must for you.

Casual Styled Belts

These casually styled belts actually express and reveal your personality. You can do a variety of experiments with these casually styled belts. These belts look super cool with skinny jeans. If you have worn casual trousers, suppose you are in your chinos or in your cargo pants, then do wear casual belts with these outfits. Even you can wear these casually designed belts with shorts.

Ribbon Styled Belts

Moving on with more belts types and styles, we have ribbon belts for men. If a guy is in his golf shoes, or if you are in your boat shoes then these ribbon belts are the best option for you. From the front side, this belt gives a casual look. This belt style never and ever looks boring.You can wear it at any time. Your personality will look interesting upon wearing these ribbon styled belts.

Vinyl Styled Belts

These belts are cheaper and not expensive. They come in many colors and too in the bunch of patterns. This belt style is much popular among youth. You will get an unusual look at wearing this exclusive looking belt. If any guy is going out to attend a concert then do not forget to complete your attire look by wearing a vinyl belt.

Rope Belts

This belt is made of ropes. In this style, the rope is usually wrapped around your waist. With the help of a loop, you will tie this belt of yours. You can even use a stopper knot. It is a traditional looking belt. These kinds of belts are quite easier to clean. They are durable and long-lasting.

Canvas Styled Belts

These types of belts are worn by boy scouts and army men. These are simply styled belts. They have metal buckles on them. You can slide this belt as much as you want until you reach the desired position of yours.

Multicolored in Form Braided Belts

Have you tried these braided belts? They come in multicolored patterns. Such belt style was much famous during the time of 1980s. Even today this belt trend has captured the attention of every single guy! This belt looks fabulous on all boys. If you are on a plain looking top and trousers then wear this multicolored in form braided belt with this outfit of yours. This belt comes in brightest colors. Boys love to wear such belts during the summer season.

D-Ring Shaped Belts

Lastly, we have D-ring in shape belt for men. It is a functional styled belt. If you are out for outdoor activity like if you are going out on hiking and fishing or golfing then do wear this D-ring belt. This belt is just and only specifically made for such outdoor activities and adventures.

We have given you almost all and complete information about these men belts. We have elaborated on all men belt styles. So which belt trend you have liked more? Which of the belt style are you going to prefer for your partner? Let us know. We will share more styling information with you that how men can wear these belts in a decent and well-groomed manner. Many men incorrectly wear their belts. Like they wear formally styled belts at casual gatherings. First get proper styling tips regarding belts. If more variations in men styles belts will be made, we will let you know.