Top 10 Hot Daughters Of Famous Athletes and Sportspersons 2017

There are ample amount of perks of being an athlete. An athlete makes ample amount of money and as much as fame they get, their daughters and son even get the same amount of fame. Here is the list of top 10 hot daughters of famous athletes who have a got ample amount of fame. Since they are famous so whatever they wear comes in fashion trend.

Elizabeth Montana

You probably can recognize from the last name. While the son of Joe Montana got ample amount of attention for becoming a quarterback like his father, Elizabeth became the news because of her looks after few of her pictures in bikini came out

Deiondra Sanders

Everyone knows that prime time was amongst the finest cornerbacks in the NFL.  However no one knew that he had a hot daughter as well. Deiondra is one other socialite that wants to become a model and an actress.

Bianca LaRussa

Bianca is the daughter of Tony LaRussa who is a former baseball player and even the manager of the Cardinals and A’s.  She had attempted to take a cheerleading career and because of a back injury, her time ended.

Rachel Bradshaw

Rachel Bradshaw is an inspiring country singer who is hot and the daughter of steelers quarterback as well.

Alexandria Schlereth

Alexandria is an actress actually. She was also on some show that is called Desire in the 2006.  As people have not heard about this show, they do know that her father is a former Denver Bronco and the recent ESPN analyst named as Mark Schlerith.

Nicki Meyer

There is no doubt in that Nicki meyer is the daughter of Urban Meyer and she is absolutely hot. Apart from being his daughter she is a volleyball player for Georgia Tech.

Alyonka and Diana Larionov

These two hot girls are the daughters of the famous hall of famer hockey player named as the Professor Larionov.  Although her dad has retired since long time, his daughters are involved still in NHL and they released a charity song for the Hockey Flights of cancer.

Laila Ali

Laila ali is the daughter of Muhammad ali and she is a boxer herself and this makes her a  woman who could possible beat everyone.

Tracy Phillips

You cannot believe that Wade Phillips who is currently the defensive coordinator for the Houston Texans is the father of Tracy Phillips. She is a popular dancer and a choreographer for various movies and music videos.

Leigh Mayock

Mike Mayock who is the recent NFL analyst and former Giants safety is the father of Leigh Mayock who does not do anything but stays hot on Twitter. She is well known for her beautiful pictures on Twitter and is very much popular amongst the youth.

These are the top 10 hot daughters of famous athletes all around the world. These daughters have got ample amount of fame not because the popularity of their fathers but because they are beautiful enough to be in the limelight.

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