Top 10 Highest Paid Football Players in the world 2017

Sir Alex in his autobiography reveals that once he made a player to beg for his position after getting rumors that the player had spent a night in pub, just before the match. This is a talk of good old times, nowadays after the introduction of Transfer request system, not only players’ attitudes have changed towards the game but their salaries have also been taking a turmoil leap just when FIFA decided to imply the fair play rule, only to be held back by the big boys in business. Did I say the word business? Yup, this is what exactly it is, if not for the fans, then for the players.

Looking at the outrageous money offered to Wayne Rooney in his new contract by David Moyes, which is simply another effort by the Scot to turn the fans on his side, it will be interesting to gather if there are any players that get paid more than that now. Here is the compilation:-


Yaya Toure:

For a player to start his career from a club that does not exist now, FC Beveren of Belgium, Yaya Toure is worth every penny he is now earning at the Etihad stadium. Having made a journey with 21 others to play football from his native country Ivory Coast to Belgium, no one would have predicted this skinny young player who loved to live on junk food then, would have made it, to the ranks of the highest paid footballers in the world.

Yaya Toure has played club football in 5 countries with England 6th in the list

But with 13 goals and 5 assists so far this season in the premier league, Yaya Toure is a prime example that hard work has definitely been the key to success in his case. He earns around 170k a week.


Eden Hazard and Fernando Torres:

If the first player in this headline satisfied the egos of Blues’ fans, the second one may have caused rage amongst the most of them .The fact that both of them, Chelsea’s top scorer this season and a man who has scored JUST 2 GOALS at home turf this this season in the premier ship, has been earning exactly the same amount of money at Stamford Bridge, proved to be enough for Mourinho to criticize Chelsea’s most expensive signing ever. The duo earn around 185k a week.


Lampard and Suarez:

Although Lampard has been off and on for Chelsea this season, he has been earning exactly the same money, as is available to the premier league most prolific striker in in his new contract that was offered to him. While at one thought this shows how much Chelsea care for their legends, one may argue then why aren’t they are so reluctant to offer him a new contract before summer. They both earn around 200k a week

Lucas Moura:

‘’The game’s gone mad’’. These were the comments offered by Sir Alex when he saw his side got beaten in the race to sign the Brazilian wonder kid, when PSG interrupted to bust the deal by offering Moura’s previous team an astonishing 45million euros for his signature.

“When somebody’s paying €45 million for a 19-year-old boy you have to say the game’s gone mad.” Sir Alex on Lucas Moura transfer fee

Lucas Moura earns more than any player did at his age in the history of football by getting MERE 205k a week


When Falcao signed for a newly promoted French Ligue 1 side Monaco despite interest from the Europe’s elite in his signature, everybody was stunned, but when his contract details were made public, only the naïve will not see the reason behind his transfer.

Falcao had nearly signed for Chelsea but 8.5million pounds a year salary by Monaco per year prompted the U-turn

He gets paid a handsome salary of around 268k a week.


When Cavani signed for PSG for an astonishing 64million euros, Chelsea fans may have felt a little grieved of not to sign a player they felt that could well have been the blue print for their success in the premier ship this season. Although his inclusion strengthened the French Champions, it has also given his former side Napoli an edge to compete with the very best in Serie A by the money being well spent on bringing several players to Naples. He stands 5th with 288k a week.


Gareth Bale:

If the 100million fee for the ratification of Bale to join Madrid isn’t echoing, his wages could well raise the dead footballers from their graves. From a man who started his journey in lower divisions of the Premier league, the current 300k that is earning at Real Madrid could well prove to be the ignition point in several other players playing in low leagues around the globe.


Although the Swede is out of the World Cup thanks to another man in our list, he wasn’t in a sorry mode as he sent PS3’s to his team players just after the exclusion of Sweden from the hands of Portugal. His behavior has sometimes been a stepping stone to his success, but as a rarified version of a footballer he is, the fact that he is the top scorer for the French Ligue 1 justifies his payroll. He earns around 416k a week.



There was a time when Messi was the top paid footballer in the world, but thanks to the contract disputes arising between Real Madrid and Ronaldo just before the ratification of the Portuguese to sign a contract extension, the contract renewal of the Portuguese has left Messi on the 2nd spot. He gets around 500k a week.

Cristiano Ronaldo:

From the one man army in the Portugal route towards the world cup qualification, to the Ballon D’Or winner this season, Cristiano Ronaldo has got every right to prove he is the man best suited to being the top paid player in the world. He will earn 155million euros over the span of next five years which makes him the highest paid footballer in the world.


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