Top 10 Free Fashion Model Games 2017

Fashion games  gives you an opportunity to get yourself acknowledged with latest fashion inns & outs free of cost. There are several fashion games available on the internet and best thing about most of them is that they are free of cost. Below, you will find the top 10 fashion games that will allow you to spend considerable time rendering a perfect look.


There are so many girls who would love to look like Angelina Jolie or Beyoncé Knowles. Star doll allows making celebrity dolls and making them up. It is very easy to use and offers great fun. There are quite a lot of people around the globe who use this game. Since it is available in 2D, it means that there is no need for downloading any software in order to play it. Stardoll is very fast and loads immediately. There are no movements in the dolls but they are all detailed enough and there are a lot of them.

  1. Girlsense

Girlsense is another site which is similar to the Stardoll. It is also very good for young children. The user gets a character that can be dressed up with a lot of beautiful accessories. The graphics are great with a simple and easy to use interface. Children can also create their own unique fashions, select the best fabric as well as colors. The Faceplace feature allows you to set the mood of the model with the help of various expressions. There is also a chatterbox for private and public chat.

  1. Frenzoo

With the help of Frenzoo, one can create great fashions as well as 3D models. This is absolutely free of charge. Frenzoo also allows animated dances and catwalks. Users need to install plugin, but they do not need to reload the browser again.

  1. GoSupermodel

It is a fun and simple game which has been designed for young users. In the beginning, the user must work as an assistant to a designer.

The user may also skip the game and indulge in creating right away. The models are really good with their own personalities.

  1. Pupe

The models on this Japanese site are gorgeous as well as cute. If you are into creating sweet and cute models, this is the game for you. The game offers chic graphics. The dolls do not move but they are very detailed. The latest trends from Japan are simply refreshing.

Other top 10 fashion games include Miss Bimbo, Idressup and GroovyGirls etc. These games are high in demand. They are mode professionally and have been created with the intention of providing maximum fun to the user. Some of these games would allow you to shop virtually rather than dressing up and accessorizing only.

  1. Beauty Idol

The game allows you to move to the city and let the whole world know that you have what it takes to become a Pop Idol.

  1. Mall Girl

Mall Girl is a remarkable fashion model game which features trendiest and hippest fashions.

  1. Top Model Diary

This game allows the users to customize their unique character with the help of best clothes, accessories, hairstyles and even tattoos.

  1. America’s Next Top Model

This is an all new game created for fashion lovers

  1. Model Story

The game allows users to run their own modeling agency models that you can choose by yourself. You may also Style your models with the theme of the occasion or the party.

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