Top 10 Fashion Designer Games for Women 2018

Fashion designer games give you an option to enjoy with your favorite dream fashion characters. There many ideas that may come to the mind of a person when thinking about fashion designer games. These games are perfect for all those girls who are interested in fashion designing, and want to learn more about it.

When it comes to fashion designer games, Barbie games top the list. Young girls are crazy about Barbie and would enjoy playing games with her since it will allow them to so all the things with their favorite doll that they would like. One of the best things about a Barbie – oriented game is that it allows girls to design their own clothes with the help of the required material. They may also make sketches first before carrying out the actual designing process.

A Barbie fashion designer game will also provide an opportunity to the girls for choosing the best outfit for their doll. When they will dress the Barbie from top to bottom with the help of the clothes they have selected, and adorn the doll with suitable accessories, it will enhance their imagination as well as their ability to create great design pertaining to the prevailing fashion.

A little bit older girls can also play fashion designer games by dressing up their dolls just like their most favorite celebrities. The girls can also search for the most well renowned celebrities over the internet or through fashion magazines, and see what kind of dresses they wear. They can get familiarized with different fashion styles and the way a particular designer create his / her dresses. This will offer a great learning experience regarding the designer fashion.

The internet is a great place for finding and playing fashion designer games. The top 10 fashion designer games 2018 on the internet are as follows:


It is one of the most famous fashion designer games which allows making up celebrity dolls and dressing them up with fashionableclothes. The game is very easy to play. It is fun and boasts a lot of fans from all around the globe. There is no need for the user to download a software in order to play this game. The dolls are very beautiful and have been created with great attention to detail.


It is another game which is similar to Stardoll. It can also be very easily included in the top 10 fashion designer games since it allows dressing up any character in fashion clothes and accessories. The game offers remarkable graphics while being extremelyuser-friendly. There is a design studio offered by the game that allows user to create their own designs and select the fabric of their choice. They can choose their own colors and lots more.


This amazing game allows users to create 3D fashion models for free. The best aspect of this game is that it allows the animated models to progress through a catwalk and make some nice dance moves as well. The 3D aspect of the game is amazing. The users can also experiment with different hairstyles, dresses, swimwear and costumes.

Fashion Studio

This games offers amazing graphics and the ability to create your own model. It also offers an intuitive interface as well as 24 hours support.

Fashion Star Boutique – Design, Style, Dress

This game is ideal for aspiring fashion designers. It allows you to develop hot styles and unlock novel resources. It is updated on a weekly basis.

Fashion Story

With the help of this game users can customize clothes and create their own fashion line. This is ideal for people who are interested in developing their own fashion. It offers trendy clothes and functions that can be customized.

Fashion Design World

This allows you to enter the world of fashion with a loud bang. Users can manufacture their own clothing lines. It uses complete memory and offers great graphics and 24 hours support.

Celebrity Fashion Salon

It offers the feeling of a real saloon without the stress and with much more fun. There are spa treatments. The outfits are stunning.

Sunnyville Salon Game

This game allows users to have a makeover just like they have it in a real saloon. The resources are fun with privacy protection features.

Dress Up – Red Carpet

This game offers an opportunity to the users of dressing up for the red carpet. It offers several hairstyles and party dresses. The interface is intuitive.