Top 10 $ex Scandals in Sports History Until 2017

With the swimming $ex abuse In USA being in the headlines currently, there are certain the sports $ex $candals that you should be aware of. These sports $ex $candals made great time in the headlines when they happened.

Tiger Woods $candals

Before the year 2009, Tiger Woods was amongst the most respected and most loved men in the world of Golf. The news had been that he had been cheating his wife with the Swedish model Elin Nordegren. The issue caught up fire on the media and all of the news channels had this same news in that time.

Minnesota Vikings

In the year 2005, the season witnessed the normally dominant Vikings with a 1-3 record that did not bond well for the team.  The team members chartered around 2 houseboats on the Lake Minnetonka during the farewell week of Vikings. The party had $ex workers and a lot more stuff. The cleaning staff reported to have found used condoms, wipes and $ex toys. Due to this 4 team players had to face legal problems.

Brett Favre

This legendary quarterback who many people many people saw as the Midwest, at last appeared as human in the year 2010. According to the news, while playing for New York Jets, he was harassing the former playboy model.

Ben Roethlisberger

Although the case had been dropped before the NFL season  of 2011 started, the quarterback of Pittsburgh Steelers was accused to have $exually assaulted a 20 year old college girl in Georgia Nightclub.

Kobe Bryant

In the summer of the year 2003, the news came out that the superstar of Los Angeles Lakers was arrested because of having connection with a $exual investigation. The complaint was filed by a 19 year old Katelyn Faber who was an employee of a nearby lodge.

The Gold Club

It is not something new to hear that athletes do go to strip clubs, however it is another issue that it gets aired in the court. In the year 2001, it happened with the owner of the Gold club named as Steve Kaplan.  The athletes who took the stand were Patrick Ewing, and Atlanta Braves.

Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson

These two Lefthanders of the team New York Yankee left their team and the entire America in disbelief when they announced that they had swapped their wives. They traded their wives, two children and even dogs to each other.

Saint John’s team

In the year 2004, this team already was having a bad season. They had a bad defeat and on February 4 2004, after being defeated by Pittsburg, they took a woman of around 38 years they met in a strip club  to their hotel room. The next morning, that woman filed a rape case against the players.

Eugene Robinson

One day before the Super Bowl XXXIII in the year 1999, the Atlanta Falcons’ Eugene Robinson got in the headlines when he was arrested for soliciting around a prostitute in Miami.

Marv Albert

In the year 1997, the popular NBC was accused of having $exual assault and got the infamy in a trial that filled with details. Albert was guilty and was fired from the NBC job immediately.

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