Top 10 Celebrity Roshe Run Women Fashion Trends 2017

The newest celebrity street fashion is trendy and chic and encompasses easy and comfortable wear as compared to too much glam. Hollywood celebrity fashion is the most sought out celebrity fashion of the year and every year hundreds of dollars are spent to copy celebrity fashion trends.

  • Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker was recently found wearing a casual striped T-shirt done with tight-fitted distressed jeans. She kept her hair loose and was holding leather purse by Chanel.

  • Amal Clooney

After her famous wedding in Venice, Amal Clooney’s wardrobe has become a huge topic of discussion among fashion critics. She was recently spotted wearing a beautiful frock by Dolce and Gabbana along with a trendy gray bag and black ankle boots.

  • Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner has always been a person of unique style. Her gray coat which she wore over a blue dress gave her a professional yet modern look. With hardly any makeup on, she looked as beautiful as ever.

  • Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad wore a loose blouse with a long skirt and a casual bag, and was recently spotted while walking towards her car. The easy outfit looked fashionable and better than her previous style statements.

  • Kate Middleton

She is one of those rare persons who have successfully carried their baby bumps without looking too ugly. In spite of that, she has always grabbed the spotlight and sparkled like forever. With the second baby, there has been no exceptions either.

  • Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe has surprisingly made it to the most followed celebrity fashion list because of the huge number of teenagers who are always looking out to her for inspiration and ideas. Her party and formals are very easy-to-do and do not require much effort.

  • Olivia Palermo

Celebrity fashion blogs have criticized Olivia Palermo’s previous looks and this time we see some improvement. Her black jacket done with a black shirt and white pants looked very modern in comparison to other previous disasters.

  • Jessica Alba

Her style has also been very discussed among celebrity fashion trends. She was recently spotted wearing a very chic and sophisticated blue dress with floral patterns with a dark blue cardigan. With her hair arranged in a messy style, she definitely grabbed the look of the month spot.

  • Francoise Hardy

70s street style is also quite followed among the general population and Françoise Hardy is one such celebrity fashion and an icon for those looking for a different style to sport this fall. 70s and 80s style is a great change for those who are bored of the recent celebrity fashion and are looking for something different.

  • Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a street style pro when it comes to celebrity fashion trends. Her recently sported short blond hair and blue sweater looked as trendy as ever. Her formal looks in the videos have made her popular as teenage inspiration. Not only does she beat Demi Lavato and Selena Gomez, but she also has topped the list for competitive trendy celeb style. ?

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