Top 10 Best Female Celebrity Dresses 2017

Celebrities have been loved by everyone. Best celebrity dresses are the collection of most high profile dresses used by the top celebrities.

Best Celebrity Dresses

Some of these dresses are short, some a long and a few wide. Celebrity dresses have come in several shapes, sizes and guise. Some of the celebrity dresses have been highly predictable whereas others astonished everyone who saw them. Following are a few dresses that have always been a part of and will always remain in the list of top 10 best celebrity dresses.

  1. Elizabeth Hurley’s Safety pin dress

At the premier of the famous movie Four weddings and a funeral, Elizabeth Hurley, pretty much unknown at the time, wore this dress on the red carpet with boyfriend Hugh Grant. The dress she wore was a black Versace that was held together with the help of gold safety pins that were placed all over the dress in a strategic manner. Liz Hurley became an instant star and the dress that she wore that day became one of Versace’s most well known creations.

  1. Jennifer Lopez sheer green Versace dress

Jennifer Lopez stole the show during the 42nd  Grammy celebrations with her green chiffon Versace gown. The see through dress was designed by Donatella Versace and featured a tropical leaf pattern as well as a studded crotch. The low neck of the dress extended well beyond the navel of the star, and was fastened loosely with a brooch, opening out again and exposing her midriff. It was, like a bathrobe, cut along the front. It was later revealed that J Lo had kept the dress with help of adhesive tape. The star’s images in the same dress were downloaded hundreds of thousands of time in a span of a single day.

  1. Kate Middleton’s wedding dress

In April 2011 around two billion people from all over the world tuned in to watch the wedding ceremony of England’s future king. Fashion pundits and critics waited to find out what the bride would wear. The dress was kept a secret until the last moment. Most of the people were not disappointed by what they saw. The dress was designed by Sarah Burton and was made from French Chantilly lace, Cluny lace, White satin gazar and ivory. The dress looked like an opening flower and was also decorated with hand cut flowers.

  1. Pippa Middleton bridesmaid dress

Of course, it was next to impossible to outshine the blushing bride, however, Pippa Middleton did come close to doing so with her bridesmaid’s dress. It was a slinky white cowl necked dress designed by Sarah Burton. The dress showed offer Pippa’s slender figure while at the same time it was made to look youthful with the help of cap sleeves. At the back of the dress one could find small silk covered buttons that were envied by almost everyone who looked at them.

  1. Madonna’s Pink Cone Bra

Of course no list of the top 10 celebrity dresses will ever be complete without mentioning this dress. During the days of the blonde ambition tour in 1990, Madonna featured some of the most daring outfits of her career. The pink cone bra ensemble was designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier and became an instant hit. It is still one of the most infamous dresses, Madonna has worn till now. Having changed her looks several times, this is one of the looks that still remain Madonna’s signature appearance.

6.       Marilyn Monroe’s white halter dress

Marilyn Monroe wore in the movie ‘The Seven Year Itch’. It was created by William Travilla. Marilyn wore it in famous scene where she is standing above a subway as it blows up around her shoulders.

7.       Geri Halliwell – Union Jack Dress

Geri  Halliwell was the fashion icon in her Union Jack dress. She wore it in 1997 at the Brit Awards. It was designed and created by Gucci

8.       Kylie Minogue – Gold hotpants

Kylie Minogue set pulses racing when she was seen in a flimsy pair of gold hot pants in the video that promoted comeback single, ‘Spinning Around’, in 2000.

9.       Audrey Hepburn – Little Black Dress

This Little Black Dress and pearls were seen in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. It is one of the best manifestations of old school Hollywood glamour. The dress was designed by Givenchy.

10.   Bjork  – Swan Dress

This is one dress that is not famous for the right reasons. It was a bizarre dress designed by Marjan Pejoski.

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