Tips To Make Your Nose To Look Longer

Here we will share some of the easy tips with you that how can you make your nose to look a little bit of longer one? There is a simple method of doing contouring. If you know the technique of it then you yourself can give a perfect shape and look to your nose. This facial feature finishing and polishing play an important role. While doing makeup, you should not forget to do the makeup and contouring of your nose. It is an essential part and need to lot of makeup and contouring maintenance as well. So get the details of below mentioned steps:

Step No 1

First get start with your brow bone and then you get start with your contouring method. If girls want to make their noses to look a little bit of longer one then first they have to do the shading of their contour lines. This shading should be done at the curve sides of their brow bones. Once you are going to shade your brow bone curve sides then you have to move to the tip side of your nose. Girls need to use an angled brush. You have to follow the curve part of your brow bone. This curve is present at the top part of nose of yours. Then you can continue with this shading area by going in a straight line.

Step No 2

You should be doing contouring of your nose starting from the top part and then ending this shading till you reach to the bottom part of your nose. Shading line has to be darkest from the side of your brow bone.

Step No 3

Then you have to make the line of this highlighter a little bit longer one.  This highlighter will enhance the length of your nose. Just apply this highlighter from top to bottom portion of your nose. You should also be extending this highlighter application right between your brows.