Tips To Have Lighter Hair Color

How can you lighten up your hair color in a natural way and manner? Here are the tips with the help of them you can naturally bring a light effect on your hair color.

Try out these simple remedies and easily lighten up your hair color:

Mixing Lemon Juice Along With Conditioner

You can make a mixture of lemon juice along with conditioner to bring a lighter effect to your hair color. It is must for you to mix up lemon juice with any conditioner because alone using lemon juice will burn your hairs. Lemon has acidic properties in it and extreme usage of lemon will harm your hair color. So better use this lemon juice with any good quality conditioner.

Applying Vitamin C to your Hairs

For the information, this vitamin C is one of the strongest agents when it comes to lighten up your hair color. Vitamin C ingredients are packed with citric acid in them. You can give your hairs a vitamin C wash and then see better results.

Lighter Hair Using Saltwater Solution

You can also use this saltwater solution to bring a light effect on your hair color. This method and remedy should be used by all color treat people out there. Just apply this saltwater solution on your hairs and see great results.

Light hair Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Then we have apple cider vinegar for you if you want to treat your hair color in bit more lighter way. This item can gently and gradually transform your dark hair color into lighter tone. This remedy will also dissolve extra oil present in your hairs. If any residue is present in your hairs then this apple cider vinegar will wash away and remove that residue as well. This treatment of using apple cider vinegar will remove all sorts of tangle from your hairs. To de-frizz your hair, you can use this simple remedy too.

Using Cinnamon Along With Honey Mask for light Hairs

The last remedy to have lighter hair color, you can use cinnamon along with honey mask. You will see magical results once you will see and make the use of cinnamon and honey mask. Make a mask by adding honey only 2 tablespoons and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon, add also 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Do not make too much thick paste. Appy this mask on your hairs. Leave it on your hairs for few of the hours.  Then you can give a simple wash to your hairs and see that your hair color will come in a lighter colored textured form.