Taking Care Of Your False Eyelashes – Top Tips

Here all readers will know about the fact that how can they take care of their false eyelashes. Here are best and recommended tips for you.

Follow these suggestions and take care of your false eyelashes professionally:

Properly Clean Your False Eyelashes

You should thoroughly and properly clean your false eyelashes. If you want to use them again and again then it is 100% recommended that you should save them in a protected, clean and neat place. You should us an eye makeup remover so that you can clean off and take off your false lashes.

Removing False Lashes By Using Cotton Pads

Take some warm water and cotton pads. With these two things, you can remove and take off your false lashes. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways.

Curling Your Natural Looking Eyelashes

If any girl does not want to wear false lashes then she can naturally curl her own lashes. Just take a good quality mascara and move it in a zig-zag motion. This zig zag motion will give a natural effect to your lashes.

Using Self Adhesive False Eyelashes

If you are not in favor of applying glue on your false eyelashes then you can make use of these self-adhesive kind of false eyelashes. These eyelashes will not let you to use glue. They will stick up on your natural lashes on their own.

Blowing Glue on False Lashes For 15 Seconds

Once you will apply glue on your false lashes, then you have to blow that glue for about 15 seconds. This blowing glue step is very important before you put on these false eyelashes on your eyes.

Using Eyelash Separator

If you do not want to curl up your lashes by making use of mascara then you can use this eyelash separator. You should be using this eyelash separator starting from the root of your lashes. First use this separator and then you can use mascara. In this way, mascara will not be able to clump on your eyes. This method will add more and maximum volume on your eyelashes. You should be applying at least three coats of mascara on your lashes.

First Do Eye Makeup, Then Apply False Eyelashes

First of all girls have to get done with their eye makeup, then they should apply these false lashes. Once glue get dry on your lashes, then you should apply a little amount of mascara. Before you get to sleep, you need to remove these false lashes. You can too reuse these fake eyelashes.

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