Steps Of Making A Fishtail Braid

You can either make a regular fishtail braid, french fishtail braid or you can also add variations in this braid of yours. This braid look much elaborating. If you have long hairs then this braid will look lovely on such hairs. Here detailed steps will be shared that how you can make this braid:

Dividing Your Hair Into Even Sections

First divide your hair right into two even in form section. Now take and hold a thin strand of your hairs from left section. Gather and collect your hairs from outside. Your hair strand should not be thicker than that of 1/2 inch. That is hair strand has to be 1.27 cm in thickness.

Pulling And Tucking The Thin Strand From Left Section

Now you have to pull this thin hair strand of yours. Pull it from left section and then move it right towards the right side. After pulling, you can tuck this thin strand under your right section. Tug both of these sections and tighten them up.

Make a Tighter Braid

You need to make this fishtail braid as much tighter as you can. Tighter your braid will be, better it will look on you.

If Pulling And Tucking The Thin Strand From Right Section

Now you can hold a thin strand from right section and gather it from outside of that right section. This strand should not be thicker than 1/2 inch. Pull this thin strand and move it to left section. Tuck this strand under your left hair section.

Keep On Alternating The Sides

Continuously keep on alternating the sides. Do this process until and unless you reach the end side of your hair. Just leave an inch of your hair in an upbraided form. You can even use thinner strands much further down so that your braid can look more even.

Wrapping Your Hair

Wrap up a hair tie right around the end portion of your hair. You can also take a strand of hair, and then you can wrap it exactly around your hair. Or secure this strand with the help of a bobby pin. To make a tousled braid, you can rub your braid in between your hands.

This is how fishtail braid is made. You can add decorations in this braid as well. Follow these steps and let us know how much you get success while making this fishtail braid.