Steps Of Making A Bow Tie

You can easily equip yourself with the ability of making a bow tie. Here is a simple method shared with you. We will let you know how to make a bow tie and that too from scratch. You should have a sewing machine, ironing board, iron, interfacing, bow tie pattern, fabric of your own choice, scissors, thread and pins. Now lets gets started:

Steps Of Making A Bow Tie

Making a Pattern

First you have to make a pattern of your bow tie. Take out the print out of your bow tie pattern on some thick paper. Start cutting pattern according to your desired and required length. Note down the measurements. Draw black lines on your printed pattern and start cutting it by following black lines as indicating marks. Tape both of these pieces together. In this way you will get a single and final piece of your bow tie pattern.

Cutting Bow Tie Fabric

Now you need to cut and iron your bow tie fabric. There should be no air bubbles in your fabric before you apply interfacing. Cut 4 pieces right from bow tie fabric. Then you need to cut 2 pieces from interfacing. Pin those 2 interfacing pieces right with those 2 fabric pieces. Now iron them together.

Sewing Your Bow Tie

Here comes the sewing part. As you already have 4 pattern pieces. 2 of the pieces are ironed to interfacing. Rest of the 2 pieces are without interfacing. Hold 2 matching pieces. Start to sew their right sides. You should leave a 1/4 seam allowance. Now take rest of the 2 pieces and sew them together in the same manner. After stitching, you will see that 2 bow tie pieces will come in front of you. Pin both of them and backside of their faces should be up. After this you have to sew the perimeter of your bow tie.

Turning Your Bow Tie Inside Out

This is the bigger part where you will be almost done with your bow tie making project. once sewing is done, you have to turn your bow tie inside out. Make sure that your tie corners should have well sharp points. You can use a knife sharpener so that proper corners of your bow tie can come out.

Finally you have got a perfect looking bow tie. Iron it again. Use a tweezer so that you can pull out little crevices. You can stitch and make this masterpiece on your own. Try this simple stitching method and make as many bow ties as you can.