Simple Method and Technique to Make a Regular Bun

The regular bun is usually the most preferred bun among girls. It is a simple looking and just requires few of the minutes from your side. Here a simple step guide has been shared with you that how this regular bun can be made! First girls have to brush their hairs. Your hair has to be dry completely. A regular bun cannot be made if you have wet hairs. There should not be any knots and tangles in your hairs. You can also part down your hair so that these tangles can remove easily.

Now check out the simple steps regarding the making of regular bun:

Deciding the Placement of Your Regular Bun

First you have to decide the place that where you want your regular bun to be put up! Pull back you are in ponytail form.You can make a low ponytail, or you can make a mid-height ponytail. Girls can even make a high ponytail. If you have thick hairs then do make use of a hair bungee to tie up your ponytail. Do not use an elastic band if you have thick hair texture.

Twisting Your Hair

Second one step is to do the twisting of your hair. As soon as you pull back your hair in the shape of a ponytail then you have to grab the ends of your ponytail. Start to twist them in a gentle manner. Keep on twisting your hairs until you reach to the base of your hairs.

Wrapping Your Hair in a Regular Bun Form

After twisting, there comes the wrapping part of your hairs. You need to wrap down your hair in a regular bun look. You can wrap this bun in a circle shape or in a spiral shape. You should keep and tuck up ends of your hair right under the regular bun.

Securing Your Regular Bun By Using Bobby Pins

Take some bobby pins and secure, tie this regular bun of yours. You can put on some accessories right on your regular bun. Place a fun ribbon or you can put up a decorative hair clip on this bun. You can even unroll this regular bun and get easy and messy waves of your hairs.

Yes this method is just so simple regarding as to how to make, create a regular bun. Try this guide and make this bun by doing more and more practice.