Proper Guide To Do Backcombing

Here is an easy guide for you that how can you do backcombing in a proper way for your hairs. Try following these steps. We have explained this guide on step by step wise basis. Follow this guide and give a proper backcombing effect to your hairs:

Step 1

First you have to choose that section of your hairs which you need to backcomb. First of all girls have to determine that hair section which need to be backcombed. Grasp and gather small section of your hairs right in your hand and then start to hold them in a straight upward position. You can start backcombing from the top part of your head. Note that if you are going to bring a little lift effect on your hairs then you will get a dramatic , eye catching look.

Step 2

The second step is to tease down your hair in a backward position. Take a fine tooth comb, or you can hold a fine brush. Make downward strokes by using this brush. You have to repeat this downward stroke motion until and unless you see that a cushion get to appear on your top hair side. You should be using a fine hair spray so that this backcombing of yours can be hold down properly and for longer time.

Step 3

Once you have backcombed this portion of yours hairs then you have to start backcombing other section of your hairs. It is upto you that whether you want to have only top part of your head to be backcombed or you want the sides of your head to be backcombed too.

This is the simplest and easy technique of doing backcombing. This is an easy hairstyling method which girls can try at their homes and there is no need of hairstyling expert to do this backcombing. Just keep tuned and connected with us. We have shared and given this simple backcombing guide to our readers. More hairstyling guides are coming up. Though while backcombing your hair, an added amount of lift and texture will be seen in your hair quality. But do not regularly backcomb your hairs as this hairstyling routine can also damage your hair texture. Only for parties and get together sessions, you should backcomb your hairs. In the beginning, you will not get much fine grip while trying this hairstyling routine. But sooner you will become expert in making this hairstyle.