Plus Size Male Models Fashion 2017

Now that many people, especially men, have accepted and even admitted that they find plus size women sexy. That has led to a large number of sexy plus size models. But it’s high time that even men who have less than perfect bodies should be accepted. There are hardly any plus sizemale models and are unheard of. Does this make women more materialistic than men? Does it prove the fact that men can be satisfied with plus size women, but women are not yet ready to be so acceptable? Models like Tara Lynn have paved the way for curvy girls to come into modeling, but what about men? Where are plus size male model inspirations?

One can see pictures of beautiful plus size modelsscattered all over the internet. But are there any plus size model picturesthat are of men? Why don’t we see any increasing trend of plus size male models. Maybe the reason is that extra pounds on a woman translate to a curvy waistline, a large bosom and prominent hips. And on men, people believe that extra weight means a beer belly and squishy legs. Although women may whine all about acceptance of their bodies, but the reality is that overweight women are more readily accepted than overweight men. It is now time to change that. Now, more and more modeling agencies are calling out to male models that are overweight.

The actual problem is the definition of plus size for men. Many people tend to wonder what exactly a plus size model requirement is. People as well as potential models need to understand hat for men, being plus size means being larger and taller than most men. So categorizing plus size male model as potbellied men is wrong. After all, people are aiming to change the perception of attractiveness in men, not damage it all together. The point of plus size model is not to mock or ridicule thin or muscular models; rather it is to make the idea of beauty universal. There are so many efforts that needed to be done for this.

First and foremost, people need to correct their thinking. Automatically assuming that thin is beautiful and fat is ugly is extremely wrong. People need to be more open minded, more unorthodox and more accepting. That is the first step. Making plus size people feel accepted and welcome is our job. No amount of plus size models can change anything until and unless we change our way of thinking.

We need to flood the internet with the trend plus size fashion blog. This has to be done to make the plus size people feel equal. We need to appreciate beautiful, not size. If someone has got great hair, despite a large body, tell them. If someone’s eyes are pretty, appreciate it. Even some publishers and designers support this thinking. They have done as much as dedicating an entire plus size model magazine to these people.

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