Nail Art Designs Exclusively Made For Feet

If you have complete and updated knowledge about nail art designs for hands then here we are with feet nail art designs for you. It is equally much important to you that you have to make your feet appealing looking. So which are those nail art ideas which you can emboss on your feet?

Here are the details:

Multi-Colored Nail Art Design

This nail art design comes with both multicolored and floral effects. This design will look much unique looking on your feet.To make this design, you will in need of three colors. Add colorful flowers on the top of your nail feet as well. You can emboss different designs on nails of your feet. Just experiment with these nail art designs and think more creatively.

Minimalistic Nail Art Design

This nail art design has a minimalistic look. To give a simple look at your feet, this is the design for you. These kinds of minimalistic designs and styles most opt for festive seasons. Just go for a French pedicure and give the right look to your feet. Then you can make an addition of floral patterns on your feet nails. Try this nail art design and make your feet absolutely classy looking one.

Stone Work Nail Art Design

Next, we have stonework nail art design for you. Your feet nails will look more gorgeous upon embossing stones on them. Wear simple looking sandals and do not forget to flaunt your feet nails with this stonework. Avoid having floral patterns made of stone. Instead, you can have solid patterns or dotted patterns in this nail art design. This design will make your feet natural looking. Just add stones and bring more glamour to your feet.

Geometrical Nail Art Design

Lastly, we have geometrical nail art design for your feet. In this design, girls will be using two base colors. You will make a design with the help of a black nail paint. Then you can fill these geometrical patterns while using a golden nail color paint. This is it! This particular nail art design gives a flawless finishing to your feet.

These are some of the exclusive nail art designs for your feet. Try them at home. More trendy nail art designs will be shared. Now flaunt your feet while embossing these designs on them. From the above designs, which design you will try first!