Mistakes You Do While Applying Makeup on your Face

Do you know about the correct tactics while applying makeup on your face? There are many common mistakes which all of us do commit while doing makeup. Here those common mistakes will be shared with readers. There is no need to rub random powders and shades on your face just because of the reason that you want to enhance and improve your conventional beauty.

Check out these common makeup applying mistakes and avoid doing them in future times:

You Use Dirty Makeup Brushes

Make sure that your makeup brushes have to be clean enough. Do not use any dirty makeup brush. Regularly wash your makeup brushes. Right after one month time gap, do not forget to wash and clean your makeup brushes. If you will use dirty makeup brushes then your makeup will not at all look fresh. Your makeup will eventually break out upon using dirty and not so clean makeup brushes. You can use a brush cleanser to clean these brushes. Make a commitment that you are going to clean these makeup brushes of yours after every one month.

You Does Not Exfoliate Yourself Before Applying Makeup

Many girls do not exfoliate themselves before applying makeup on their faces. So exfoliation is very important before you get yourself ready and set to apply makeup. Doing exfoliation, this makeup trick will put up a serious and beautiful impact on your face. If you will not do exfoliation then your skin will look patchy and dry spots will be appeared on your face. If you want your makeup to set all smoothly on your face then always do exfoliation.

You Does Not Match Foundation Shade To The Back Side Of Your Hand

Your foundation shade should well match enough to back side of your hand. Find the right foundation shade. What is the point of getting a foundation shade if it does not match with your skin and complexion tone.
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