Method to Straighten Up Your Hairs

If you have a frizzy hair texture then what you should do? You can do the straightening of them. This method of straightening is done by using a straightening iron. On this page, you will know about an easy and simple method that how frizzy and curled hairs can straighten up.

Check out this simple guide:

Washing and Blow Drying Your Hairs

First, you need to wash as well as blow dry your hairs. Your hairs have to be freshly washed. only then proper straightening can be carried out. If you have thick and frizzy hair then you should use a smoothing shampoo and also conditioner. Applying a good quality heat protection spray is must for you.

Dividing and Splitting Your Hair

The next step is to divide your hair into the small section. You should not miss any of the strands. You can divide your hair right into three parts and sections. Take the first section of your hair and scoop it back. Then take the second section of your hairs and put it above your ears.

Setting Your Straightening Iron

If your hairs are of average thickness then the temperature of your straightening iron has to be in between 300 and 350 °F. If you have frizzy hairs then the temperature of your straightening iron has to be 350 to 400 °F.

Technique To Use a Straightening Iron

You should be holding your hairs firmly. Try to use one hand of yours to hold that section of your hairs. You should use this straightening iron smoothly. Do not go for jerky movements. You should be running this straightening iron right over on your hair in one and single smooth direction. Your straightening iron movement has to be fluid in tone.

Moving On To Next Layer Of Your Hairs

After straightening one strand of your hairs, you can then move onto the next layers. Once you are done with the straightening of the bottom layer of your hair then you can unclip the next part and section of your hairs.

Examining Your Work Right in Mirror

After you are done with this straightening then you have to examine and see your work in the mirror. You should not have missed any of the sections of your hairs. None of your strands should be overlooked. You should remain attentive throughout your straightening process.

Styling Your Hairs

The last and final step is to style up your hairs. You have to carry out these touch-ups so that you straighten up hair look can get more finishing. Do make use of finishing products as well. You can use this silicone-based serum so that shine can be added to your hairs. Hairspray keeps your straighten hair right at their firm and fixed the place.