Method to Apply Fanned Eyeshadow

Most of the girls have placed this question that fanned eyeshadow can be applied? So here is easy for you. Do not consider this eyeshadow application method as a science. Each one of you can become a master in this eyeshadow application method. Just know about the correct amount of tricks and tips. Here is the simpler method for you. Just a few number of steps are involved in the application of fanned eyeshadow. Follow them and get promising eyes after few minutes:

Applying Lightest Color or Highlighter Shade

First, you have to apply lightest eyeshadow color of yours. This lightest hue is also named as a highlighter shade. You should go for a creamy nude eyeshadow because this is the lightest shade so far. You should use a stiff in form flat brush so that you can easily apply this eyeshadow to the inner corner and section of your eyes. Sweep this highlighter shade up and down and also on your upper lash line and lower lash line. You should too apply this eyeshadow right below your eyebrows.

Addition of Middle Hue Eyeshadow

Then comes the part when you will be applying middle hue eyeshadow shade. This eyeshadow shade should be bit darker as compared to your lightest eyeshadow shade. To apply this shade, use your flat brush. Pat this color on your lids. You have to apply this middle hue eyeshadow shade starting from your lash line till the crease of your eyes. You should not be going much further, like do not apply eyeshadow right above your crease or at the outward area and corner of your eyes.

Contouring Your Lids By Using a Darkest Eyeshadow

After getting done with the application of light and medium range of eyeshadows now is the time to apply the darkest eyeshadow on your eyes. You need to do the contouring of your lids by choosing the darkest shade. For this application, get a dome brush. Try to start from the outside corner of your eyes. Then you can sweep this dome brush right in a half-moon motion in an upward way. Move this dome brush around to the center of your crease as well. You should keep this shade at its darkest all along your lash line and then you can fade it as soon as you move up.

Blending Your Eyeshadows

The last part is of blending! Clean your dome brush first.Do the blending by using this dome brush. Blending should be done along edges of your eyes. You can too use a sweeping brush to further blend your eyeshadows.

When you are going to follow this eyeshadow application method!