Method Of Preparing Your Nails Before Nail Polish Application

Before you apply a nail polish, you should be preparing your nails beforehand. So what is the right way of preparing your nails, here is the method for you. Get a nail polish remover for yourself. First comes the part of trimming and filing your nails. Below is the complete and proper guide for the readers:

Trimming Your Nails

Before you apply any nail polish on your nails, you have to trim as well as file your nails. You need to do clipping and shaping and too buffing of your nails. Make your nails smoother looking. You can use a good quality clipper so that you can trim down your nails easily.By using a nail file, you can smooth down the edges of yours nails. You can make any shape of your nails lie square shape, round shaped nails.

Soaking Your Hands Right in Warm Water

After trimming and filing is done then you have to soak both of yours hands in a tub of warm water. In that warm water tun, you should also add a facial cleaner. Do exfoliate your hands and submerge then in the warm and soapy water. You need to soak your hands or 3 to 5 minutes.

Pushing Back Cuticles

Once soaking process is done then you have to push back the cuticles of your nails. Do not cut your cuticles. Instead you can push them back and give an oval appearance to your nails. You can use this cuticle pusher so that you can carefully push back your cuticles. By using this cuticle pusher, you can too remove damaged skin of your nails.

Moisturizing Your Cuticles

The last step is to moisturize your cuticles. You need to rehydrate and also moisturize your cuticles. Apply a hand cream on your hands and give a massage to your hands.

This is how to prep your nails before you apply a nail polish on them.