Mario Balotelli – The bad guy playing Manchester City 2017

He is talented, but more than that, HE IS CRAZY. Of course any sane man playing for Inter Milan did not rub his shirt on ground after a defeat and he will not also wear an AC Milan shirt when the press come calling. Balotelli has been a constant victim of racism throughout his career, and while no matter how much FIFA denies it, this is a player whose career is threatened by the fans that are against his color and religious beliefs. From a victim of Racism throughout in a match against Juventus, to a prey whose color was disgruntled time and again when his International team was playing in the Euro 2012, Balotelli has faced bitter responses during his career.

Balotelli was adopted by a family with Jewish beliefs, thus enough for the away fans to show their anger on the Italian.

Balotelli didn’t earn an ID card claiming him to be Italian till he was 18. That is because the people whom he were living with hadn’t adopted him. He received his ID card on his 18th birthday and vowed to spend his life playing for Italy. This was not enough for the people out there, even his own countrymen, as he was taunted time and again due to his color and his belongings.

‘’He’s black and Jewish, and he should play for Israel not Italy’’ wrote one fan.

Early football career:

Balotelli began his career at the FC Lumezane, thus becoming the youngest player in the history of Italian league to play for a league three side. Before going to play for Inter Milan in 2006, Balotelli had an un-successful trial at the Camp Nou, home to FC Barcelona. Although Barcelona were impressed by his performances, but his visa issue come into consideration and he was declared in-eligible to play for the Spanish giants.

Then Inter Milan came into action, and Roberto Mancini, the current Galatasary manager hijacked the player behind whom were also some bigger clubs. Inter Milan bought him with an opening fee of around 150,000 euros.

Mario Balotelli is the youngest player to score in the Champions league for Internazionale, a record previously held by ObaFemi Martins

After Mourinho’s arrival at the San Siro, Balotelli became UN settled and his post and pre match theatrics start becoming the headlines. After losing a match, Mourinho classified Balotelli as a ZERO RATING PLAYER, thus enough for the Italian to start the dispute. What follows next put a huge question mark and Balotelli had to apologize to the fans for his below mentioned actions.

In response to the fans booing him in a Champions League game, Balotelli thrown his shirt on the pitch to show his anger, causing rage among the fans

Despite of all his foolish actions, his former employer Mancini brought him to City with a view that he is young and could be make right. His short stint in England was nothing less than that in Italy and the Italian returned to Italy this time playing for the opposite half of San Siro, AC Milan.

Balotelli won the Golden Boy award in 2012, and claimed that only one player is better than him, Messi


Balotelli got more share of ink than probably he deserved in the newspapers as the stories continue to follow him. Here are some of the most interesting ones:-

  1. Wilshire Snub:

Balotelli when won the golden boy award in 2012, claimed he did not know the man who is 2nd in the list, leaving Jack Wilshere and Roberto Mancini agonizingly fuming.

  1. Strip club incident:

Balotelli was pictured on leaving the strip club, just 28 hours before his team was scheduled to play Bolton, thus once again provider of the spark that would burn his remaining image.

  1. Women’s prison crashing:

In 2010, Balotelli was questioned by the police after the police raised suspicions that the Italian has driven his Mercedes into the Women’s jail

  1. Scott Parker stamp:

Balotelli was handed a four match ban by the FA after he tried to stamp on the then Tottenham player on the head when these two teams met in a clash that resulted in his City team winning 3-2.

  1. Fight with Mancini:

Mario was once photographed by the local newspapers in England as he tries to grab the Italian boss with his neck, a news which went un-confirmed later on.

  1. Fight with the ref:

They say you have to make a good relationship with the officials of standing any chance to win a foul. Well, our boy is opposite in this case as well. In a match of AC Milan where they lost, Balotelli erupted in heated exchange with the official thus serving another ban.

  1. Mourinho the Victim one:

In a match of Inter Vs Rubin in Champions league, Mourinho requested Balotelli to stay quiet as he was already on a yellow during the half time. The Result? Balotelli got a 46th minute red card

Net worth:

No matter how hard you want to play him down, he is still a hot property in the world of football. After signing a contract with AC Milan that had tied him to the San-Siro till 2017, Balotelli earns around 100k a week 20k less than what he used to earn at the ETIHAD. However with his bad behavior a constant source of embarrassment for Seddorf, it is expected that he will seek for greener pastures in summer.

Diego Maradona has urged Rafa Benetiz to go for Balotelli, with Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea also waiting on the background

However with clubs like Chelsea showing the interest in the want away striker, AC Milan will not sell him any amount less than 30 million Euros.


Although the Italian has been a constant spark of fights, yet his teams have won trophies all along the globe, thus making him a multi-dimensional person. Here are some of his accolades:-

  • Serie A (3)
  • Premier League (1)
  • Champions League (1)
  • FA CUP (1)
  • UEFA Golden boy
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