Making a Sock Bun- Easy Steps For You

Now making a sock bun is easier. You only need a sock and good quality hairs, this is all. Now jump onto the method and start making this sock bun in your own hairs. This sock bun making method is quite convenient to make. Just learn a little technique and then you will start making each and every kind of bun:

Making a Sock Bun- Easy Steps For You

Brushing Your Hairs

The very first is to prep your hairs so that you can start making with this sock bun. Remove all knots as well as tangles from your hair. Pull your hair in a backward position and decide the spot where you want yours sock bun to be placed. It is better to place this bun at top of your head.

Getting a Sock

Now get a sock for yourself. Your sock should be clean enough. Cut down the closed end of your sock. Try to get that sock which matches with your hair color. Like if your hair color is jet black then go for jet black colored sock. After cutting the closer end of your sock, you will be left with empty in form sock-tube. Now start rolling it up in a donut shape.

Putting Your Sock Right Onto The Ponytail

Start to put your sock right onto the ponytail. Just take this sock of yours and slide it onto your ponytail. All of your hair strands should be included in this sock. Hold up your ponytail in an upward position. The next step is to slide backs your sock right to the end side of your ponytail.

Start Making a Bun

Start making a bun now. You should wrap up ends of your hair right around your sock donut. Make a loop and keep the ends in the center hole of your sock. Start rolling your sock in an inward position and gradually move towards the base of your ponytail.

Adjusting Your Sock Bun

When you reach to the base of your hairs then do desired adjustments in your sock bun. You will need few bobby pins so that you can easily secure your sock bun. Now finish your sock bun look. Take a hairspray and give a final and set look to your bun.

So all girls out there, how much you have started liking this sock bun? Is it easier to make? Try making other buns too. Try different hairstyles and carry unique hairstyles on every single day of your life.