Luis Suarez – Legend Argentina all you need to know about him 2017

There is no doubt that Liverpool striker is one of the best in business at the moment, but he has been let down by several of his own antics from the past. Whenever a referee decides in favor of the Uruguayan, he may had to think twice because of his reputation. However with a sober season under his belt, Luis Suarez has been the heartbeat of the Anfield faithful again this season.

          I will stay at Liverpool, Champions League or no Champions League… Luis Suarez

With John W henry’s latest admission on Suarez’ contract issue, we take a look at how much this star player worth if Liverpool tries to cash on him, later in his career.


Net Worth:

Luis Suarez currently earns at around 200k a week after his contract instauration. Calculating on the substructure of a year, Luis Suarez base worth is 102,000 even if Liverpool endeavors to sell him this year which looks to be a rarity perceiving his form. However there are many other aspects to express about.

Suarez signed for Liverpool from Ajax with an approximated fee of £22.7 million, and with now him signing a new contract till 2018, the buying club will have to pay a staggering 62million pounds if Suarez decides to move on during his current contract with the club. And that is just the base worth which we are talking about.

Looking at the Gareth Bale saga, Suarez could well be one of the most expensive signing if Liverpool try to cash on him in the near future

                      Suarez contract renewal — History in the making? 


When Suarez signed for Liverpool in the January transfer window, his wages was about 40000 pounds per week at the Dutch club. Luis Suarez has signed two contract extensions with the club since then, with the first offering him 40,000 pounds per week and the last one 200,000 pounds per week. His ongoing contract makes him the highest paid player in the Liverpool football club history.

Goals for Liverpool so far:

When Luis Suarez signed for LFC, he was suspended following his bite issue at his former employers, over the past years. His first goal for the club came against the highly physical Stoke side, which gave Liverpool the victory after almost 10 years at the Britannia stadium.

In 100 matches Suarez has played for LFC so far, he has been a victim of himself in 18 matches following suspensions.

So far from then in his roller coaster first season ride at the club, he had scored a total of 62 goals for the club in just 100 appearances which also makes him the best averaged goal scorer in the club long and celebrated history.

If we exclude those 18 matches in which he had not featured, Suarez per match goal ratio for the club turns out to be 0.75 goals per game, which makes him the most feared player in the Premier League.



Luis Suarez was born in Uruguay and as stated by himself he started his career at the native club Nacioanl at the age of 18. His time at the Uruguayan giants was a catastrophe, so he moved on to Dutch side FC GRONIGEN at the age of 19.

One night Suarez was caught drinking at Nacional, his coach threatened him that he would never play him again, if he fails to take football more seriously


Following impressive performances there by the current Liverpool man, Ajax identified his talent and signed him for around 7.5million Euros. His career at the Dutch side was another humpty dumpty ride with 81 goals in 112 matches. During this time period, he was their top goal scorer for two straight seasons.


On November 20, 2010, Suarez bit PSV”S player Bakkal on shoulder. It was this issue that forced Ajax to sell their star player to Liverpool.


King Kenny with Suarez during his 1st visit at the club

He then moved on to Lfc in January 2012, and again life was not easy for the Uruguayan. When he arrived at Melwood, there were more roars bemoaning Torres’ transfer than on welcoming the club’s new signing.

When Suarez arrived at Anfield, there was no heartwarming welcome from the fans as they were still upcoming the anguish of Torres’ transfer to bitter rivals Chelsea


Even if you don’t believe this, Luis Suarez has more honors than horrors during his playing career. His prominent personal accolades include:-

  • Dutch footballer of the year (2009-10)
  • Eredivisie Golden boot (2009-10)
  • Football supporters federation team of the year 2013
  • 2014 world cup qualification stages top goal scorer (CONMEBOL)
  • Ajax Player of the year (2009-09, 2009-10)
  • Liverpool player of the year ( 2012-13)
  • Liverpool fc top Goal scorer (2011-12. 2012-13)
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