Liverpool best chance of winning the League season 2017-18

Following their 3-0 demolition of Manchester United last week, Liverpool can hope to end their 2 decades long drought by winning the Premier League. Although Brendon Rodgers feel his Liverpool side are a year ahead in schedule, however, according to the stats around it has been their best chance of winning the premier league in ages. Last time when they went so close to clinch the glory, they were only held back by their own negative football as too many boring draws were embraced by the Liverpool side in the 2008-09 campaign.

In the 2008-09 season, Liverpool finished 2nd just four points adrift of leaders ManUtd, that too after drawing 11 games, five more than their rivals.

So what has changed for Liverpool this season? Only the naïve will not know that those goal less draws are now a part of history as far as Liverpool is concerned. Rodgers mentality of playing risky and attacking football up front has blessed his team with the most potent striking force in England this season. And with Steven Gerrard as good he is in a form now as he has ever been, this year Liverpool should repeat the history and claim their perch.

Here are some of the reasons why Liverpool Should win the league this season:-

  1. Tooth-less Chelsea:

Even though Chelsea has been the league leaders for quite a time now, their strike force could be the difference come end of May. Although Mourinho is known for his mind games, the claim that they are ‘’Ahead of schedule’’ isn’t simply a plot organized by the Portuguese.

They know the table is fake. There is only one team that if they win every game is champion. That is not us —- Jose Mourinho

A lot of burden is on their midfield and with Anfield waiting for their arrival, Liverpool could end up finishing above them.

  1. Harm-less Manchester United:

With Liverpool demolishing the Champions, there is simply no reason why they would finish less than fourth. Last time when Liverpool managed a victory at the Old Trafford, they finished second. However, that United team cannot be compared to this one in any respect.

To see City doing well, and particularly Liverpool, is really difficult,” Rooney

What United don’t have in their ranks is the threat of challenge, the attack of Ronaldo and Rooney and simply stated the genius of Sir Alex. So no matter how you put it, the team that restrained them from winning the Premier League for more than 2 decades is no longer a threat for Liverpool, at-least for this season.

  1. Nervy Arsenal:

Although Arsenal are still in the title race, level on points with Liverpool, their immediate history suggests that they will undergo a breakdown in the later stages of this season.

It’s been nearly 9 years since Arsenal won a trophy last time out

With important players like Walcott and Ramsey already out of the squad, and Ozil going out of form, it might not be enough to challenge the in-form strike force of Liverpool.


  1. Weakened Manchester City:

Here comes a team that shares with Liverpool the most dominating of stats, the goals scored. In terms of this, they are only behind Liverpool in race of who scores more.

In last 10 matches, the pair of Dzeko and Negredo have scored only 4 goals for Manchester City which is simply not enough

However with an exit from Champions League at the hands of Barcelona, Manchester city are now fully focused to win this silverware. The major factor that could restrain them is the injury of Sergio Aguero.

The Argentine is out of the squad once again after a short stint against Barcelona at the Etihad, and now faces a short spell on sidelines. And as the stat mentioned above shows the un-productivity of the other strikers, Liverpool could knife them in the back as well.

As they say that what goes around comes around, if this is what is to be the case in May, Liverpool fans have started DARE TO DREAM that their team can bring the happy days back at Anfield again.

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