Kinds of Handbags That Cause Back Pain

Let us talk about the those types and kinds of handbags that actually cause back pain in you. It is true that almost three quarter portions of women have back pain issues and 46 per cent of women wear bags right on one side of their bodies. This is the main reason that they get aches. You need to carry your handbags properly. There is a certain good way as well as a wrong way to carry your bag.
How to Carry Your Handbags Properly?

Kinds of Handbags That Cause Back Pain

Tote Handbag

If you will be carrying somewhat heavier tote handbags then such bags will automatically put an imbalanced weight right on your spine, You should not wear tote just on one side of your body. Use your arms alternatively while wearing such bags. Just try to pack lighter stuff in these tote handbags and keep on swapping your shoulders. Do not fill your tote handbags with so many heavy items. Your movement will get restricted and you will get a strain on your muscles if you are going to fill your tote bag with so many items.

Clutch Handbag

These clutches also cause pain and tension underneath your shoulder area. If you are wearing and holding a small clutch right under your armpit then make sure to swap sides often times. If you will not swap sides and your clutch will remain in same armpit of yours for hours and hours then tension will build up under that shoulder. Try not to carry heavier clutches. Such kind of clutches pull your shoulder just down on one side. Such heavy clutches pull your neck as well.

Messenger and Laptop Bags

These handbags are mainly used to carry your laptops. When such bags are heavily filled then lot of tension and burden gets shifted on your shoulders. Better get those laptop bags and messenger bags that have op handles and long straps.