Top 6 Best Kinds Of Blushes

If you are exhausted while using single type of blush then here you can check that different variations which are brought in the world of blushes. Now these blushes are completely available in different and various types. Like you can have a blush in powder form or you can have it in cream form. You can have a fluid in form blush or you can have it in gel form. Even different kinds of blushes are made for different kinds of skin tones.

More details are mentioned below:

Cream Blush Type

First we will talk about cream blush. This blush type comes with a strong shadow. It gives a stronger effect on your cheeks as compared to a powder blush. Just use this cream blush sparingly and then you can blend it well on your cheeks. Start applying this cream blush from the center area of your cheeks. And then you can move upward. It is best to apply this blush while using your fingers. Such blushes comes with wealthy and enriching moisturizing effect. This blush type is best for the girls who have dry skin. Just apply a small amount of base on your face and then apply this cream blush. For an evening makeup look, it is recommended to use a cream blush-on. Get any shade for yourself and apply this creamy blush properly.Make sure that you apply it at the correct spot. Practise it and then you can get a perfection.

Gel Blush Type

This blush is also named as fluid blush. You get a sheer amount of glow on your face if one will use this blush. If you have oily skin then this blush will work ideally on your cheeks. This blush is oil free. It remain to last longer on your cheeks. Some of the gel blushes are water resistant as well. This exclusive blush type has a fast drying nature. You get a fresh and supple look while using this gel blush. Use of gel blush is quite common these days. If one has enough experience while using powder and creamy blushes then you can now switch your use to gel blush. Try it for once and see the difference that how this gel blush is different from rest of the blush-ons!

Powder Blush Type

Then we have powder blush type. You can also call it as a dust blush. This blush type is great and ideal for all skin tones. If you want to get a long lasting effect and hue on your cheeks then apply and go for this powder blush. These blushes remain there on your cheeks for longer time. This blush type also bring a translucent and glow effect on your cheeks. This blush can be used to do the contouring of your nose, cheekbones as well as temples. Just apply this blush effortlessly. So you can make a mix use of this powder blush. Apply it on your cheeks and use it as a contourer as well. Make your nose sharp, give a defined look to your cheekbones by using this powdered blush.\

Shimmery Blush

These shimmery blushes are also in great demand. These kinds of blushes brings a lighter kind of glow on your face. For an evening makeup look, always go for a shimmery looking blush. Just dab these shimmers right on the forehead of yours and on the bow part of your eyelid and get a glowing look. Apart from apply this shimmer on your cheeks, you can also apply it on the inward corner of your eyes. So instead of using a simple powdered or creamy blush, you can add a shimmery effect on your blush. Get this shimmery blush-on and make your cheeks radiant looking.

Cheek Pencil Blush

This blush type is an ideal blush type for the beginners. If it is your first time with regard to the application of blush then go for cheek pencil blush first. It is not recommended for girls having oily skin tone to use this cheek pencil blush. Because this cheek pencil has extra moisturizing elements in it. So for beginners, this is easy to use blush-on for yourself. Try it and then you can later on technical blushes as well.

Bronzers Blush Type

You can apply a bronzer on your cheeks. These bronzers come with lightweight pitch tone, medium pitch tone, and dark pitch tone. This blush type enhances and improve your tanned look. If you have a medium complexion or if you have a deep-toned complexion then these bronzers will work perfectly on your face. For girls having a fair complexion, they should only choose and select lighter shades for themselves. This makeup type gives a darker covering your face and makes your face more natural looking.

This is the basic information on kinds and types of blushes. This world of makeup and cosmetics will be bringing more variations in blush types. Stay tuned. If any new blush shade will come on the market, we will let you know. Try using all of these blush types and let us know which of the blushing type you find easier to use. A quality blush will look ravishing on your cheeks always. Pick the right blush shade first and then apply it correctly. Mismatch blush shades will ruin your cheeks look too.