How To Use A Concealer To Conceal Your Dark Undereye Circles?

There is a proper method to use a concealer. This product helps you to conceal and hide your dark undereye circles. Always get that concealer for yourself that can work for you in a suitable way. Get a perfect and appropriate concealer shade. If you have a fair skin tone then you should get a concealer shade which is light medium peach in its shade. If you have a dark skin tone then get a concealer shade which is dark peach in its shade. Medium skin tone girls should also get a concealer shade that comes in a true orange or it can be in dark peach shade. Below is the method that how girls can use this concealer correctly and properly:

Understand The Concept of Concealer Formula

You should try to understand the concept of concealer formula. This formula tells us that how much coverage will be given to your face. If you have a concealer that does come with a sponge wand then note that it will be offering you least and minimum amount of coverage. If you have a concealer which is present in a stick form then it will give you a moderate in amount of coverage. If you have a concealer right in pot form then full and maximum amount of coverage will be received by you.

Use a Finger To Apply a Concealer

You should use your finger if you want to apply a concealer. Just make a thin layer of concealer right underneath your eyes. You can make this thin layer in the form of dots. If you are not comfortable while using your finger then you can use a pointed brush.

Blending Your Concealer

After making a thin layer of concealer, it is important for you to start blending it. Do this blending in a way that shade of your concealer matches with your skin tone.You can use a makeup sponge so that seamless and flawless finishing can come on your face. You can also blend and mix two concealer shades. If you think that true match of your skin tone is not coming out, then you can combine two shades of concealer.

Use A Lighter Shade Concealer To Brighter The Area of Your Undereyes

To brighten up the area of your undereyes, you should use a concealer that comes with a lighter shade. Use a translucent powder so that you can set up your concealer finally. Just dust up a thin and fine layer of this powder under your eyes. You can use an eyeshadow brush while applying this powder.

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