How To Prepare A Side Bun ?

There are many types of side bun. You can make a casual looking side bun. A formal looking side bun is also easy to make. Girls can conveniently make loose side bun as well. Here simple steps to make a side bun will be shared with girls. This bun is quick and fast to make. You can do several amount of variations in this bun type. These buns mostly come in a messy form. You can then pin them loosely. To make such buns, first you have to prepare your hairs. Start making this bun with unwashed hair of yours. If you have just freshly washed your hairs then let them dry first. Detangling your hair is the important part. Brush and comb the ending sections of your hair first. After preparing your hairs, start with the procedure of making a side bun:

Gathering Small Section of Hair

In first step, you have to gather very small section of your hair. Just hold your hair right in between your thumb and too your forefinger. You should not be gathering any more hair in these two fingers which you cannot hold.

Back Combing Your Hair

Start back combing your hair. Hold down section of your hair in an outward position by using your one hand. You can take help of a comb so that you can tease your hair exactly toward your head. If you have split ends then you can make use of thumb and your forefinger so that you can slide down your hair towards your head.

Bunching Up Your Back Combed Hair

Next step is to start bunching up your back combed hair. Try to hold down this section towards your head. You can insert a bobby pin so that back combed hair can remain in place. If it is possible then you can hook your bobby pin right onto your elastic which is present inside the bun.

Hanging Your Bun Just To One Side

You can repeat this process of bunching your back combed hair until you get a final shape of a side bun. You have to make sure that your bun should hang to one single side of your neck.

Securing Your Bun

Last step is to secure your bun. You can add some extra bobby pins so that your bun locks can be secured more. Use hairspray and keep your side bun intact in its place.