How to Apply Foundation In a Flawless Manner?

No doubt that proper application of foundation gives you an even skin tone. On the other hand, incorrect application of foundation gives you a cakey look. Have a look at these top tips and get an idea that base or foundation can be applied correctly. This makeup product just needs blending. But there are some rules to keep in mind while blending your foundation. Check out these rules:

How to Apply Foundation In a Flawless Manner?

Get The Correct Formula Foundation For Your Skin Type

The formula of your foundation and your skin type should match with each other. Suppose you have a dry looking skin then you should get that foundation which comes with more radiant finishing. If you have a combination skin tone then select that foundation which can give you a semi-matte finishing touch. At the same time, if you have an oily skin tone then get that base which can give you shine wear finishing.

Match Shade of Your Foundation With Your Skin Tone

You need to match your foundation shade with your skin tone. In the summertime, our complexions get more warm up. On the other hand, during winter times our complexions become gloomy. Make sure to get a justified foundation shade for yourself.

Use The Correct Tool While Applying Foundation

You should use a correct tool while applying foundation on your face. You can even use a synthetic inform foundation brush. Then you can finish off the set of your foundation by using a blender sponge. Combination of a proper foundation brush and beauty blender will give an even coverage and a complete finishing to your face. If you have acne then do not use your fingers. Fingers mostly retain dirt and bacteria. These bacteria and oils will then spread on your entire face. Always use a foundation brush. In this way, foundation will be properly distributed on your face.

Use a Translucent Powder To Set Your Foundation

You should not go much liberal while using a powder to set your foundation. If you are using a tinted powder then a heavy and cakey look will come on your face. Always use a translucent powder. These kinds of powders will give an even setting to your foundation. If you have oily skin then you can use a mattifying setting kind of spray to set your foundation.