How Can You Apply Eyeliner on Your Small Eyes?

If you have small eyes and you want them to look bigger then how can you do that? You need to apply eyeliner properly so that you can make your small eyes to look a little bit bigger. Here you will know about the method of lining your upper lid by using an eyeliner. Eyes are an important part of your face. Try different makeup looks with them. So in whole, we can say that if girls are going to line their upper lids, then automatically their eyes will look bigger.

How Can You Apply Eyeliner on Your Small Eyes?

Applying Eye Shadow On Your Upper Lash Line

First, you have to apply taupe kind of eyeshadow right on your upper lash line. You can extend this eyeshadow right to the crease of your eyelid. Now you can draw a line with the help of an eyeliner. This line should start with the middle section of your upper eyelid. Extend this line to the outer corner by using an stylish eyeliner. You should make a line a little bit of thicker one. You should only line outer part of your upper lid.

Smudging Your Eyeliner

The next step is to smudge up your eyeliner. By using your fingertip, you will be blending as well as smudging this eyeliner of yours. If there are any extra color of eyeliner present around your eyes then you can clean it with the help of your fingertip. You can even use a concealer to wipe off any extra mark of eyeliner. You should give a well-defined touch to your eyes. So better apply eyeliner in a neater way.

Setting Your Eyeliner With The Help Of a Brown Eye Shadow

Take a brown eyeshadow and set your eyeliner. You can make use of angled eyeliner brush so that you can make a line of shadow right on top of that smudged eyeliner. Then take a light pink eyeshadow. Sweep this shadow at the outer edges of your eyelid. You can extend this pinkish eyeshadow to your brow bone as well. This extension will open up your eyes further.