Hottest plus size Model gracing the cover of Magazine 2017

The concepts of beauty around the world have become garbled over time. Right now, almost every mind around the world perceives skinny as perfect. Being stick thin has become synonymous with being beautiful. However, in recent years, some people have embraced the concept of plus size. At one time it was considered impossible and was unheard of to see a plus size model gracing the cover of magazine. But in the past few years, people have woken up. They have come to appreciate curves. Even a plus size woman can look as beautiful as a skinny one. And there are many top plus size models to prove this.

Tara Lynn plus size model, is one of the greatest example, as well as one of the most beautiful faces of the modeling world in recent times. She is considered to be the pioneer of the plus size concept. At first, when she began working, most people reacted with scorn and revulsion at the thought of a “fat” model. But she proved that even curvy women could be hot plus size models. Many more girls then followed in her footsteps. Her belief is that beauty comes from within. She says you can only truly look beautiful and glowing if you are happy on the inside, and no one can be happy by starving themselves. Therefore she eats, enjoys but enjoys as much success as any skinny model.

With time people, as well as the print and electronic media, has become more accepting and broadminded. Now, plus size models are no longer restricted to modeling maxi dresses and loose shirts. There are girls who have an incredible confidence level, and have become successful plus size bikini models. These beautiful girls are putting the stick thin models to shame by nabbing up catwalks and covers for Victoria’s Secret lingerie, hence proving that Plus size lingerie models can be as hot and sexy as skinny one.

There are also many enchanting faces for plus size modeling in black women The most prominent face is Marquita Pring, who astonished the world when she modeled Jean Paul Gaultier’s spring collection this year in Paris. Following her example, more black plus size models are now making their mark in the model agency.

The famous UK clothing brand ASOS, has been a beacon of hope to bring some broadmindedness to the people, and give the curvy beauties their due fame. It started a program in partnership with Model 1 to find plus size models. The winner would get a contract to shoot a session at the ASOS studios for their clothes, plus modeling chances through Model 1. Since then, the ASOS plus size models have been the talk of the town with their luscious curves and healthy glows.

At the end, it isn’t a specific body shape, or a skin color, that defines beauty. The whole concept of beauty lies in the center of your own being. Your perception of beauty along with the perception of yourself, determines whether you are beautiful or not.

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