Easy Way To Make A Braided Bun

If you are looking for casual looking bun styles then here is the method to make a braided bun for you. This braided bun looks extremely cooler and ideal for girls. Here step by step procedure is mentioned below that how this bun can be made:

Preparing Your Hair and Pulling Back Your Hair

First girls have to prep up their hairs. Brush them up and remove all tangles. If you do have frizzy hair then you can damp them a little bit. Now next is the step to pull back your hair. You can place this braided bun at any of your head spots. To give a more professional look as well as sophisticated look to your braided bun, you can try making it by using a professional brush.

Making a Braided Ponytail

Now start making a braided ponytail. You have to start from the base. Create a normal looking braid. Divide your hair right into three sections. Cross them exactly over each other.

Creating a Bun

After making a braided ponytail, you can start making a bun. Make this bun from the base of your braid. Now wrap this bun in a spiral shape. As soon as you reach the ends then you have to tuck these ends beneath the base of your bun. Secure your bun by using a few one bobby pins.

Finishing The Braided Bun Look

The last step is to give a finishing look to your braided bun. You can also pull off few of the strands of your hair out from your braided bun so that you can get a messy look. Do the coating of your hair by using a hairspray. You can too add any of the accessories in this braided bun of yours. Go for a headband and make your braided bun to get a bohemian feel.