Different Tricks For Girls To Keep Their Nail Polishes Neat Looking

If you do not want to have messy looking nail polish look then here are the techniques for you to keep the look of your nail polish neater. Follow these tips and get flawless, smooth application of your nail polish.

Applying Petroleum Jelly Around Your Nails

Before you start to paint nail polish on your nails, you should apply a very thin layer of petroleum jelly right around your nails. This application of petroleum jelly will act as a barrier right between your skin and nail polish. If you do not have a vaseline then you can use a lotion as well.

Applying White School Glue Around Your Nails

If you want to get an extreme neater look on your nails while you apply nail polish then here is next easy technique for you. You need to apply the thin coating of white school glue right around each single nail of yours. This technique will give a cleanup look at your nails. You get a swift finishing once you will apply nail polish. While applying the coating of white school glue, you will get a neat and crisp polish line on your nails. You can make use of a cotton bud so that you can paint a thin layer of white school glue.

Cleaning Your Nail Polish Line

Once your nail polish will get dry then you have to clean your extra nail polish lines as well. Once you are finished with the top coat application of your nails then you can remove and wipe off these extra nail polish line of yours. You need to have a steady and practiced hand to get this task done.

These are the tricks which you should remember if you are onto the task of applying nail polish on your nails. Follow these techniques and give a smoother finishing to nails of your hands and feet.