Curling Your Hair By Using a Curling Iron

You can curl up your hairs by using a curling iron or flat iron. You can also curl your hairs by using hair rollers, by twisting your hairs or by scrunching your hairs. Here we will share an easy method that how your hair can be curled with the help of a curling iron:

Heating up Your Curling Iron

First you have to hat up your curling iron. If you have fine hair then temperature of your curling iron has to be 320ºF and it should be 430ºF if you have thicker hair.

Drying Your Hair

Make sure that your hair should be completely dry. Remove tangles from your hair. You can too use a heat protection spray so that your hair can remain protected from further damage. You can get this heat protector spray from any kind of drug store.

Splitting Your Hair And Start to Curl

Divide your hair and start to curl. You should start this curling from the smaller section of your hairs. Open clamp of your curling iron and then position your hairs in that curling iron clamp. Now close that clamp. Roll that curling iron in an upward position and then gradually move to the roots of your hairs

Keep On Holding The Curling Iron At Its Place For Sometime

You should keep on holding the curling iron right at its place for some time so that better curls can come out. Keep that curling iron at its place for about 10 seconds. Then you can move onto the next section of your hairs.

Finishing The Look Of Your Curls

You can further finish the look of your curls by applying hairspray on it. In this way, your small and big curls will remain there in their places. So try this curling method by using a curling iron and enjoy having curls.