Basics of Applying Blush

How can you nail down the basics when it comes to applying blush? Always remember that there are some rules and basic tips which should be followed by you while applying a blush. Here we will talk about the fact that how can you nail down the basic rules of applying a blush. It is true that blush gives you a youthful look and glow on your face. It is one of the challenging to use makeup products and you should know right tricks of using it. So to compliment your face correctly, you have to get the right colored and right textured blush for yourself.

Basics of Applying Blush

Basic Rule Number 1

You need to apply base or foundation before you apply a blush on your cheeks. This step and trick will give you the best results. Application of foundation and concealer is must for you before you apply a blush-on shade. Right after you apply a blush, then you can apply your eyebrow makeup, eyeshadow makeup, mascara and eyeliner application routine. You need to follow this sequence. This makeup sequence will let you to get a balanced look on your face.

Basic Rule Number 2

If you ae using a powdered blush then you need to sweep your blush brush lightly and smoothly. Just take a medium in size fluffy brush and sweep it lightly, slowly and gently on your cheeks.You can further tap this blush on your cheeks so that excess amount of blush can be removed easily from your cheeks. For blending of your blush, you will need a separate and cleaned brush. You need to brush downward so that all of your facial hairs can lie down smoothly right on the surface of your skin.

Basic Rule Number 3

If you are applying a liquid blush then first put dots on your cheeks and then blend that liquid blush by using your fingers. On the other hand, if you are using a cream blush or you are using gel blush the just dab that blush on your cheeks with the help of your ring finger. Girls can also use a makeup sponge to do blending of their blush. To apply a cream blush, only apply a cream foundation.

Basic Rule Number 4

To remove excess blush from your cheeks, you can use a tissue paper. You should not use a translucent powder to make your blush look more softer looking. This step will make your face a dull looking face.

Always follow these basics when it comes to applying blush-on!